Faculty Projects

Sarah Stookey



Professor Stookey helped to found Community Central. Currently she works with students to develop awareness of New Britain and ideas for community-based economic development, including ways to get more students to patronize downtown businesses and the possibility of creating student-owned businesses.   

Recently students in her MGT 403 class proposed ideas for using the historic Anvil Place building including a cooperatively-owned coffee house, performing arts space and a used clothing store.   Professor Stookey is looking for students who are interested in creating positive and community-oriented businesses downtown - let's see what we can get going!

Jerry Butler


Dr. Butler, Professor of Art Education believes in the interconnection of art and life. Many CCSU students, New Britain students, and New Britain residents have taken part in Dr. Butler's large-scale community art pieces. The "48-Hour Mosaic" is on the front wall of the YMCA at 50 High Street and murals adorn the walls of several elemenary schools. Currently, there is a mural being painted by NBHS students for outdoor display downtown and a mosaic being done on CCSU campus outside of Maloney Hall.

Katherine Hermes


Professor Katherine Hermes, Chair of the History Department, took on the massive challenge of building a life-size Native American tepee for the University Museum Community Collaborative in April. With a committed group of students, she was able to collect all of the needed materials (including 25ft trees!) to build the structure. However, she did not stop there! After the event at the museum the tepee was re-pitched on campus for a powwow, during which local businesses were able to come and set up tables. Just when it seemed like the tepee had had its final hurrah, Dr. Hermes donated it to the New Britain Museum at Hungerford Park. It arrived just in time for their Earth Day celebration!

Herald Article!      Photos!

URCAD presentations for Hist 324: Native Americans of the West FB Album

History Newsletter


Olga Petkova



For the past two semesters, Dr. Petkova from the School of Business has given her Managment Information Systems students the assignment of building a website for a local nonprofit or charitable cause. Students are separated into groups and compete for the best site. The chosen noprofit recipient gets to choose which site best represents them at the end of the semester. In Fall 2012, the students built sites for the New Britain Arts Alliance. This spring they built websites for the New Britain Youth Network and a resource website for the homeless and those who work with the homeless.




Eleanor Thornton

Professor Eleanor Thornton Chairs the Department of Design at CCSU. Each semester she assigns Community Central marketing and promotional work to her students. The Department of Design has playen an integral role in our events and programs. With Professors Thornton's leadership, students come up with the innovative and vibrant artwork that helps Community Central and our community partners develop effective marketing campaings. Most recently, The Department of Design has partnered with the New Britain Industrial Museum. We look forward to the great work that will inevitably come out of that partnership.


Stacy Christensen

For the third semester in a row, Dr. Stacy Christensen has utilized the Community Central space to offer free walk-in health screening services to the public. Each semester the Nursing students and instructors receive close to 200 appointments. They offer readings on cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, and more. They also give health advice and weight monitoring. Above all, they offer a safe and accepting environment for many of the homeless people in our community. 

Barbara Clark


Dr. Clark has lead and participated in several Community Central events! Her work with her Teacher Education Students and the youth in our community, has been extraordinarily creative and inspiring!

Kurt Love

Dr. Kurt Love is a Teacher Education Professor with a second job teaching at the Sustainable Farm School. This semester, he brought a ton of knowledge and passion to help plan and construct a small garden at Community Central! With help from CCSU mentors and local volunteers, our high school program was exposed to a unique learning opportunity and now have a deeper understanding of healthy eating! This garden will be a great teaching opportunity for years to come.

Aimee Pozorski

Professor Aimee Pozorski established the HALS Academy Journalism club! In partnership with the New Britain Herald, and help from CCSU Design students, HALS members get their very own monthly insert in the Herald! Stay tuned for their section (it comes out on the first or second Friday of the month. 

Contact hannahhurwitz@ccsu.edu to get involved and mentor these students!

Vivian Martin and Tom Puelo

The CCSU Journalism Department has partnered with the ParayDYM After-school program. Professor Tom Puelo is working closely with the students, mentors, and Program Director to provide guidance and expertise from a Journalism perspective.

Nghi Thai

Professor Nghi Thai is working closely with Hannah Hurwitz and the City of New Britain to determine a variety of research areas for her classes this spring. She hopes to have her students study the homelessness issues and present the community with information that could help to inform officials and aid them in their work against homelessness.

Lois Koteen

Professor Koteen's students have studied commnication at several local nonprofits in order to give suggestions for improvement.

Michele Dischino

Central Connecticut State University students have partnered with a nonprofit agency to benefit the disadvantaged and disabled. Working with Chariots of Hope, a nonprofit located in Bloomfield, students from Michele Dischino’s Introduction to Engineering course have refurbished wheelchairs that are being donated to individuals who have no means of obtaining them. Students used their problem-solving skills to repair the wheelchairs, which were no longer being used and were in disrepair. 

Mary Collins

Mary Collins teaches narrative nonfiction and often includes a civic project as part of her course curriculum. She encourages her advanced writing students to use their skills to serve as story catchers for their communities. Past projects have included working with seniors on a magazine about aging in CT, working with inner city children on a literary magazine, and working with veterans from Vietnam on a literary journal. In Spring 2014 her nonfiction students will team with the New Britain Industrial Museum to start an archive project that focuses on retirees that worked in one of the many world renowned manufacturing companies in town. The students will interview former employees, profile objects in the museum, write essays and work with design students to produce an exhibit on the New Britain Industrial Museum Story Project that will appear in March at Community Central.

Leah Glaser

Professor Glaser created a Homelessness project which included a
history of homelessness in New Britain.  This was in the form of a
traditional report/ paper, but it was also made into a temporary exhibit
for Night at the Museum. Her Historic Preservation and Research Planning
course explored historic preservation and affordable housing that year.

This year HIST 511, a grad course on Historic Preservation and Resources
Planning is compiling a draft nomination of the New Britain Downtown to
the National Register of Historic Places.  If New Britain decides to move
forward, such designation can encourage rehabilitation through generous
federal and state tax credits and discourage more tear downs,
deterioration of buildings, and loss of New Britain's downtown character.

James French

Joss French, J.J. (Spring,2013). Environmental Animal Superheroes at ESM.
Interdisciplinary EcoJustice Aesthetic Project & Presentation with CCSU
elementary education students, Student Apprenticeship Program (SAP)
students, Grade Five Classroom Students, and Environmental Magnet School
Staff: Hartford, CT.

Clark, B. A., French, J.J. & Gichiru, W. (October, 2012). Storybook
Character Day at Smith Elementary. Presented with CCSU elementary
education students Town to Smith Elementary School: Grade Two Classroom
Students, Teachers, Principal & Vice-Principal: New Britain, CT.

French, J.J. & Clark,B. A. (September, 2012). Storybook Character Day at
Linden Street School. Presented with CCSU elementary education students
Town to LindenStreet School: Grade Three Classroom Students, Teachers &
Principal: Plainville, CT.

Clark, B. A. & French, J.J. (April,2012). CCSU Storybook Characters Meet
Children from Smith Elementary School. Presented with CCSU elementary
education students to second graders, parents, teachers, and community
members of Smith Elementary School: New Britain, CT.

Clark, B.A., French, J.J., & Butler, J.(March, 2012). Steppin¹ Out of a
Painting: Releasing a Child¹s Voice. Bloomfield Arts Festival Showcase and
Performance. Carmen Arace Intermediate School 6th grade children, art
teachers & CCSU elementary education teacher candidates. Hartford Train
Station, Hartford, CT.

Barbara Clark

On November 25th students in EDEL 322 created and presented a Peacemakers Program at Smith School for 200 4th and 5th grade children. 

On December 9th James French and Barbara Clark are having 3 sections of courses (2 Sections of EDEL 322 and one section of EDTE 420) presenting a program WITH New Britain and Hartford children (200 children) they have been working with all semester.

A Long Walk to Justice will be presented at Thorpe Theatre titled, A Long Walk to Justice inspired by the book by
Linda Sue Park, A Long Walk to Water from 10:00-11:30 on Monday the 9th.

Jacob Werblow

Professor Werblow has spearheaded many community engagement initiatives. However, his most recent claim to fame is Hoops for Homeless. This successful fundraising basketball tournament raised over $20,000 for homeless youth in New Britain last spring. Professor Werblow is looking forward to an even larger amount this year.

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