Master of Science in Biological Sciences: Health Sciences Specialization

30-31 credits

Program Rationale:
The MS Biological Sciences: Health Sciences Specialization is for those who wish to expand their background in the areas of human biology in preparation for research or work at the doctoral level or in health professions, as well as for teachers wishing to specialize or update their knowledge in the area of human biology.

Program Learning Outcomes:
Graduate students will:

  • demonstrate knowledge in general biology;
  • describe scientific methodology and conduct experiments;
  • demonstrate a thorough understanding of a specific area of biology;
  • be able to read and comprehend primary literature;
  • deliver effective oral presentations (poster or PowerPoint); and
  • effectively communicate on research in written format.

Course and Capstone Requirements:

Major Field Requirements (24-25 credits):

BIO 412 Human Physiology 3
BIO 413 Human Physiology Laboratory 1
BIO 500 Seminar in Biology 1-2
BIO 518 Pathophysiology and Applied Physiology 3
BIO 528 Pharmacology 4
BMS 506 Biosynthesis, Bioenergetics and Metabolic Regulation 3
CHEM 550 Basic Organic and Biological Chemistry 3
BIO or BMS Electives as approved by Health Sciences Advisor or Department Chair.
No more than 10 credits may be taken as BMS courses.
(This 10 credit limit does not include BIO/BMS 412/413).

Research (6 credits):

BIO 599 Thesis and thesis defense 6
BIO 598 Research in Biology 3
BIO 599 Thesis and thesis defense 3

Note: Additional work, as described in the course syllabi, will be required for graduate credit in 400-level courses. Students may take no more than nine credits of 400-level courses.

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