Minor in Peace Studies (18 credits)

Program Overview

Peace studies is an interdisciplinary program concerned with the origins of war and the prospects for peace. Topics to be considered include just war theory, types of pacifism, the nature of wars, conflict resolution and the history of peace movements, deterrence theory, weapons of mass destruction, and problems of international security. The program offers students the opportunity to study conflicts and peace efforts in specific regions of the world and to produce a senior thesis on a topic of their choice.

PES 110 Introduction to the Study of Peace & War 3
PES 410 Research in Peace Studies 3

and 12 credits from any of the following:

ART 270 Mural Painting 3
HIST 291 Modern Middle East 3
HIST 474 History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict 3
PES 111 War & Peace through Films 3
PES 210 Topics in Peace Studies 1-3
PES 310 Internship in Peace Studies 1-6
PHIL 345 Philosophy of War and Peace 3
PS 235 International Relations 3
PS 345 International Terrorism 3
PS 380 International Conflict and Security 3
PSY 202 Peace Psychology 3
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