Literature Requirement for Study Area I

3 Credits

Courses with the letter [L] have been designated as fulfilling the literature component of the general education literature requirements. The following is a list of courses with the [L] designation.

CHIN 304   Topics in Chinese Literature [I]
ENG 203   Survey of World Literature: Ancient to Early Modern [I]
ENG 204   Survey of World Literature: 17th Century to the Present [I]
ENG 205   Survey in British Literature: Middle Ages to the 18th Century
ENG 206   Survey of British Literature: Romanticism to the Present
ENG 210   Survey of American Literature: Pre-Civil War
ENG 211   Survey of American Literature: Civil War to the Present
ENG 212   African-American Literature
ENG 213   Studies in American Literature
ENG 214   Studies in International Literature [I]
ENG 215   Introduction to Women Writers [I]
ENG 220   Shakespeare
ENG 250   Contemporary Literature
ENG 260   Introduction to Poetry
ENG 261   Introduction to Fiction
ENG 262   Introduction to Drama [I]
ENG 347   Latino/a Literature [I]
FR 304   Introduction to French Literature [I]
FR 305   Introduction to Francophone Literature [I]
GER 304   Introduction to German Literature I [I]
GER 305   Introduction to German Literature II [I]
HUM 250   Topics in European Literature [I]
ITAL 304   Introduction to Italian Literature I [I]
ITAL 305   Introduction to Italian Literature II [I]
LAS 375   Spanish American Literature I [I]
LTN 347   Latino/a Literature [I]
SPAN 304   Introduction to Spanish Literature I [I]
SPAN 305   Introduction to Spanish Literature II [I]
SPAN 375   Spanish American Literature I [I]
SPAN 376   Spanish American Literature II [I]
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