Skill Area III. Foreign Language Proficiency

0-6 credits

Proficiency in a foreign language must be demonstrated before graduation. This requirement may be met by any of the following:

  1. Three sequential years of one foreign language at the high-school level.
  2. Elementary proficiency as demonstrated by successfully completing a second semester-level CCSU foreign language course (112), or the equivalent at another institution. Students with no previous background in a language must take the first and second semesters (111 and 112, or 118); students who place out of 111 due to previous background in the language may satisfy the requirement by taking 112 only.
  3. Passing a standardized examination that demonstrates knowledge of a foreign language equivalent to completion of a second semester course or higher.
  4. Demonstration of native proficiency in a language other than English (requires evaluation of skill level by an appropriate faculty member and/or official documentation, and approval by the chair of the Department of Modern Languages).
ASL 111American Sign Language I
ASL 112American Sign Language II
CHIN 111Elementary Chinese I
CHIN 112Elementary Chinese II 
CHIN 261Business Chinese [I]
FR 111Elementary French I
FR 112Elementary French II
FR 151French for Reading Knowledge [I]
GER 111Elementary German I
GER 112Elementary German II
ITAL 111Elementary Italian I
ITAL 112Elementary Italian II
ITAL 118Intensive Elementary Italian [I, 3 credits only]
ITAL 123Basic Italian Review
JAPN 111Elementary Japanese I
JAPN 112Elementary Japanese II
LAT 111Elementary Latin I
LAT 112Elementary Latin II
ML 111Elementary Modern Language I
ML 112Elementary Modern Language II
POL 111Elementary Polish I
POL 112Elementary Polish II
SPAN 111Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 112Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 118Intensive Elementary Spanish [I, 3 credits only]
SPAN 123Basic Spanish Review [I]
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