Skill Area II. Mathematics

6 credits

A mathematics or statistics course (above 101 level) appropriate to the student's major interests, plus one additional course in MATH, STAT, CS, or FYS 106, totaling 6 credits. The courses must be selected from the Skill Area II approved course list.

CS 110   Introduction to Internet Programming and Applications 
CS 113   Introduction to Computers
CS 151   Computer Science I
CS 207   Introduction to Computer Graphics
CS 213   Applications of Computing I
CS 214   Applications of Computing II
FYS 106   First-Year Seminar-- Mathematics and Computer Science
MATH 105   Survey of Mathematics for Liberal Arts
MATH 106   Mathematical Topics for Liberal Arts
MATH 110   Finite Mathematics
MATH 113   Structure of Mathematics I: Number Systems
MATH 115   Trigonometry
MATH 116   Pre-Calculus Mathematics
MATH 119   Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry
MATH 123   Applied Business Mathematics
MATH 124   Applied Calculus with Trigonometry
MATH 125   Applied Calculus
MATH 135   Applied Engineering Calculus I
MATH 136   Applied Engineering Calculus II
MATH 152   Calculus I
MATH 213   Structure of Mathematics II: Probability & Geometry
MATH 221   Calculus II
PHIL 221   Introduction to Modern Logic
STAT 104   Elementary Statistics
STAT 200   Business Statistics
STAT 201   Business Statistics II
STAT 215   Statistics for Behavioral Sciences I
STAT 216   Statistics for Behavioral Sciences II
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