Note: Enrollment in 300- and 400-level finance courses requires admission to the School of Business or permission of the department chair.

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FIN 295 Managerial Finance 3
Prereq.: AC 211; one of the following: MATH 123, 124, 125, 135, 152, or 221; and one of the following: STAT 200, 104, 215, 314, or 315; all with grades of C- or higher. Basic course in business finance. Topics include the financial environment, analysis of financial statement, valuation of corporate stocks and bonds, and capital investment decisions.


FIN 301 Intermediate Managerial Finance 3
Prereq.: FIN 295 (C- or higher). Designed to develop a fundamental understanding of the following major topics in finance: the capital investment decision, capital structure and dividend policy, fund sources, working capital management, and corporate restructuring.

FIN 310 Principles of Investments 3
Prereq.: FIN 295 (C- or higher). A study of investment, types of securities, sources of investment information, the securities markets, and valuation of different assets. Attention is directed to the investment of funds by individual and institutional investors.

FIN 320 Financial Markets and Institutions 3
Prereq.: FIN 295 (C- or higher). The role, functions, and operations of capital markets, banks, and other financial intermediaries in modern, global economies.

FIN 321 Insurance 3
Prereq.: FIN 295 (C- or higher). Nature and organization of insurers, analysis of insurance contracts, types of insurance products, introduction to actuarial and underwriting processes, insurer portfolio management, and insurer profitability.

FIN 330 International Finance 3
Prereq.: FIN 295 (C- or higher). A study of the principles and practices of finance in an international setting. Explores the primary elements of international monetary economics with emphasis on exchange rate analysis. Major topics of study include exchange risks and the international financial markets. [I]



FIN 400 Advanced Managerial Finance 3
Prereq.: FIN 301, 310 and 320 (all with C- or higher). An advanced course in financial management of the business firm. Utilizes a case study approach to stress the application of financial management theories. Topics include asset management, investment decisions, and financial structure of the firm. [GR]

FIN 410 Securities Analysis 3
Prereq.: FIN 301, 310 and 320 (all with C- or higher). An advanced course in investments with emphasis on security analysis and portfolio management practices. Topics include financial statement analysis, use of derivatives, and special techniques employed in forecasting, timing, and the development of investment strategies. [GR]

FIN 411 Financial Statement Analysis 3
Prereq.: FIN 301, 310 and 320 (all with C- or higher). Examines how financial reports can be used by investors and financial analysts to make better economic decisions. Topics include: financial ratios, reported earnings, corporate performance, cash flow analysis to evaluate financial health of a company.

FIN 420 Bank Management 3
Prereq.: FIN 301, 310 and 320 (all with C- or higher). An in-depth examination of bank management issues including deposit account funding costs and stability, creditworthiness determination, loan pricing, loan portfolio management, interest rate risk management, liquidity management, foreign exchange management, and strategic planning.

FIN 422 Risk Management 3
Prereq.: FIN 301, FIN 310, FIN 320, and FIN 321 (all with C- or higher); or permission of instructor. Examines applications and theory of strategic and financial market choices in the management of firm risk. Students develop competency in assessing and measuring the risk of a firm as well as the use of risk management tools.

FIN 425 Financial Derivatives 3
Prereq.: FIN 301, 310 and 320 (all with C- or higher); for graduate students, permission of department chair. Valuation of financial derivatives, including options and futures, applications to portfolio, and corporate risk management. Fall. [GR]

FIN 490 Independent Study in Finance 1 TO 3
Prereq.: FIN 301, 310 and 320 (all with C- or higher). Individualized readings and/or research by individual under the direction of a Finance faculty member. Topics will vary. May be repeated up to a total of 3 credits. [GR]

FIN 496 Practicum in Finance 1 TO 6
Prereq.: Permission of instructor. Students work on a real world project under the direct supervision of a faculty adviser. Projects may be sponsored by a host organization. Student performance is monitored and evaluated in relation to conditions set forth in an approved Project Plan. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits. [GR]

FIN 498 Finance Seminar 3
Prereq.: Permission of instructor. Course content varies. [GR]

FIN 499 CFA Seminar 3
Prereq.: FIN 310 and 410 (both with C- or higher); or permission of instructor. Focuses on the advanced investment concepts which are the foundation of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) professional designation. Topics include ethical and professional standards, quantitative methods, global markets and instruments, analysis of stock and bond investments, and portfolio management. Spring. [GR]

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