Educational Foundations

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EDF 415 Educational Foundations 3
Prereq.: Admission to the Professional Program. Social and moral contexts of schooling, purposes of education in American society, contemporary educational policy, politics of the policy-making process and the role of teachers as leaders. Not for credit in graduate degree programs.


EDF 500 Contemporary Educational Issues 3
Contemporary educational issues and the ways they are affected by social, political, and economic forces of society.

EDF 516 School and Society 3
Prereq.: Matriculation into M.S. program. Presentation and analysis of factors, institutions, and events relating to school's role in society. Sociocultural analysis and interpretation of historic development, as well as contemporary influences affecting dynamic role of school in American life today. Fall, Spring, Summer.

EDF 524 Foundations of Contemporary Theories of Curriculum 3
Study of the social, psychological, and philosophical influences that shape the curriculum and a range of curriculum positions in the United States and in other countries. Fall. (O)

EDF 525 History of American Education 3
Prereq.: Admission to a Master's program. Study of the ideas, policies, practices, and social movements that have historically influenced and shaped the development of education in the United States. Fall.

EDF 526 Philosophy of Education 3
Provides advanced-level students in education, and especially in the Educational Studies MS program, with an in-depth introduction to philosophy of education as an academic discipline. Focus both historical and contemporary. Irregular.

EDF 528 Comparative and International Education 3
Prereq.: Admission to a Master's program. Study of education within international context, focusing on globalization, economic policy, and education in selected countries. Comparison with education in the U.S. will be made. Fall.

EDF 535 Special Topics in Educational Foundations 3
Prereq.: Admission to Master's program. Inquiry into special topics in educational foundations. Examples include school violence, gender and education, multicultural education, national standards, and testing. Fall.

EDF 538 The Politics of Education 3
Introduction to the politics of education and the making of educational policy within our society's political system. Topics include: school governance and the decision-making process, problems of policy-making in bureaucracy, intergovernmental rivalries of local, state, and Federal authority, legal and extra-legal influences, ideological conflict, and the struggle for change and reform in school institutions. Spring.

EDF 583 Sociological Foundations of Education 3
Sociological principles and information applied to problems and situations in education. Emphasis on cultural forces that affect education, institutions, and agencies which relate to the public school and social structure of the school. Summer.

EDF 597 Supervised Readings in History and Philosophy of Education 1 TO 3
Selected supervised readings in the history and philosophy of education by faculty in collaboration with a student's interests and professional needs. May be repeated for a maximum of three credits. On demand.


EDF 700 The Purposes of Education in America 3
Prereq.: Admission to the Ed. D. program. A critical examination of the social, political, economic, and moral purposes of American education and their implications for goals, curriculum, teaching, evaluation, organization, administration, and financing of education. Summer.

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