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EDTE 210 Education & Teacher Leadership in Diverse Learning Communities 3
Exploration of teaching, diversity, and the roles teachers play as leaders in diverse educational learning communities. Inquiry-based approach includes participant-observation, case analysis, examination of beliefs and research on learning and teaching. Field experience required. Taken concurrently with EDT 210.


EDTE 314 Applying Learning Theories in Diverse Settings (K-12 Programs) 3
Coreq.: MUS 310, or ART 301, or PE 299 or TE 299. 20 hours of field experience in assigned settings required. Examination of educational theory and research related to K-12 practices, learning communitites, and learners' developmental needs that promote equity. The course emphasizes elementary level teaching.  

EDTE 316 Principles of Learning in Diverse Settings (Secondary) 4
Prereqs.: Admission to the Professional Program in Secondary Education. Examination of educational theory and research applicable to classroom practices, learning communities, and learners' developmental needs that promote equity. 30 hours of certification/age-specific field experience in assigned setting(s) required. CT law requires fingerprinting and a criminal background check for the field experiences in this class. Fingerprinting must be completed prior to the beginning of class. CT law requires findgerprinting and a criminal background check for the filed experiences in this class. Fingerprinting must be completed prior to the beginning of class.



EDTE 430 Topic Seminar in Leadership and Learning Communities 1
Prereq.: Admission to the Professional Program; concurrent with student teaching. Examination of current research and theory pertaining to teacher leadership and the development of learning communities in classrooms and schools. Topics include educational reform, professional ethics, diversity, collegiality and continuous professional development. May be repeated for a maximum of two credits. Not available for graduate credit.

EDTE 498 Individual Study Project 1 TO 3
Prereq.: Permission of department chair. Guided individual study of problems of special interest. May be repeated for up to 3 credits. Open only to advanced students. may not be substituted for professional education program requirements. On demand.


EDTE 502 Focus on Diversity in Education 3
Prereq.: Admission to M.S. Program in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, or Educational Studies/Secondary - Strand 2 (Secondary Curriculum and Instructional Issues). Study of diversity in educational settings and practices, with emphasis on processes of inquiry, reflection, collaboration and critical analysis. This course is a prerequisite to all other courses in early childhood, elementary and secondary education. May be taken concurrently with other courses with permission of advisor. Fall, spring, summer.

EDTE 598 Introduction to Research in Education 3
Prereq.: Admission to a masters program in education. Examination of basic concepts related to quantitative and qualitative research that helps educators develop knowledge and skills for interpreting and analyzing educational research.

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