Note: DAN 151-157 and 377 are general activity courses and are open to all students.

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DAN 151 Beginning Modern Dance 2
Modern dance technique incorporating the Limon/Humphrey style. Attention is given to combinations across the floor. Choreographic approaches and improvisational skills are explored and developed resulting in short studio presentations. May be repeated for a maximum of 4 credits with permission of instructor. Fall.

DAN 152 Beginning Ballet 1
Introduces fundamentals, historical background and terminology of ballet. Application of barre exercises, basic positions, and beginning center floor work will be developed. May be repeated for a maximum of 2 credits with permission of instructor. Spring.

DAN 157 Beginning Jazz Dance 1
Introduction to jazz dance emphasizing the origin of dance in America. Simple center floor combinations will be taught. May be repeated for a maximum of 2 credits with permission of instructor. Irregular.


DAN 200 Dance Practicum 1
Provides a practical opportunity to hone skills through production. Meetings will be divided between production meetings, rehearsals, evaluation of recently completed projects and workshops lead by professionals in the field. May be repeated for a maximum of 8 credits.

DAN 234 Ballroom Dance 1
International and American styles of ballroom dance including Latin rhythm and smooth standard dances. Partnering, lifts, and pre-competition preparation are included. Irregular. Study Area I [I]

DAN 235 Movement for Performers 2
While finding new ways to move through improvisation and self-exploration, students will have an opportunity to develop their own movement style. Fall.

DAN 236 Principles of Choreography 2
Prereq.: DAN 235. Introduces dance composition. Solo, partner and group work in basic choreographic processes and forms are explored, developed, presented, and evaluated. Includes readings, writings, and videos on choreographers and choreography. Fall.

DAN 252 Intermediate Ballet 1
Attention will be given to a full ballet barre with more complex adagio and allegro work. Turns will be emphasized. May be repeated for a maximum of 2 credits with permission of instructor. Spring.

DAN 257 Intermediate Jazz Dance 1
A fast-paced rhythmic class with more complex combinations. Choreographic approaches will be developed resulting in a short studio performance. May be repeated for a maximum of 2 credits with permission of instructor. Irregular.

DAN 272 Creative Dance in Education 2
Introduction to spatial and dynamic considerations of movement focusing on kinesthetic awareness and movement analysis. The Laban Framework and cross-curricular concepts are integrated in making and teaching creative dances and lessons for the elementary curriculum. Open only to Athletic Training and Exercise Science students.

DAN 299 Dance History 3
A study of the evolution of dance in world cultures and the influences they have had on the development of American dance in the 20th and 21st century. Course includes lecture, video presentations, and selected readings. Irregular. Study Area I [I]


DAN 377 Modern Dance & Theory 1
Prereq.: DAN 151 or DAN 272 or permission of department chair. Continuation of modern dance technique including elements of performance. Movement analysis, improvisation, and choreographic forms are developed and pedagogical material for the secondary level will be a strong focus. May be repeated for a maximum of 3 credits with permission of instructor.

DAN 398 Contemporary Dance Technique 2
Contemporary dance as it applies to becoming a dance educator, performer or movement specialist. Training in Graham Technique and contemporary styles from various cultures. Study Area I [I]



DAN 477 Dance Methods 3
Prereq.: DAN 272, DAN 377, and admission to the professiona professional program in Physical Education or permission of instructor. Explore appropriate methods for teaching K-12 dance. Gain an understanding of student and discipline-centered teaching styles, effective classroom management, and teaching practice. Professionals from dance and physical education will be involved. Irregular.

DAN 480 Project: Dance 1 TO 3
Prereq.: Permission of instructor. Individual projects in choreography, research, or production under the guidance of dance/theatre staff. Irregular. [GR]

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