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Dropping Hours and the Impact on Financial Aid

Financial aid may be revised when classes are dropped, not attended, or when non-participation is reported by professors. 



Weeks 1-3


Several factors may lead to a review of financial aid eligibility within the first three weeks of the semester. If necessary, financial aid eligibility may be revised and result in a bill that the student is responsible for paying. Please review the following policies so you are aware of the potential impact a change in enrollment may have on your financial aid eligibility.


Course Participation


Professors have a request from the Office of the Provost to report initial Course Participation for students by the end of the third week of class. If a professor reports that you have not participated in the course, your financial aid may be adjusted to match your actual enrollment at that time. Course Participation can be evaluated even after that date. Please contact your professor if you believe your class participation has been reported incorrectly.

Note: You are automatically assumed to be participating in your courses unless the professor reports otherwise.


Census Date


CCSU determines eligibility for financial aid based on level of enrollment at a defined point in the semester, known as the Census Date. The Census Date is the end of the third week of the Fall and Spring terms. Financial aid may be adjusted after the Census Date if your enrollment on that date does not match your expected enrollment.


For example, you enrolled in 12 credit hours (full-time status) at the beginning of the semester and received financial aid based on full-time enrollment. You later dropped or withdrew from a 3 credit hour course. At Census Date, your actual enrollment is 9 credit hours (three-quarter-time status). Your financial aid eligibility will be recalculated to reflect three-quarter-time enrollment.



Weeks 1-16


If a student fully withdraws from classes before the end of the term, the Financial Aid Office will perform the Federal Return to Title IV calculation to determine if and how much aid must be repaid. The student is responsible for any bill that results.


The University Billing information


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