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Semester-End Report

Fall Semester
Academic Year 2003-2004


Significant Events


I.                    During the Spring semester of 2004, the Graduate Studies Committee has held or will hold a number of significant events:

a.       A Graduate Open House was held on March 18, 2004.

b.      The Graduate Studies Association awarded its annual scholarship to Anne Charlotte Silver of the M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy Program.

c.       The Spring Graduate Forum will be held on May 6 at 12:30. The Departments of Art, and Modern Languages will report on their assessment program and their use of summer time, respectively. The Graduate Community of Scholars Tribute will also be awarded to an individual or to a Department that has excelled in representing the Mission and Tenets of the Graduate School.

d.      The Graduate Research and Creative Day will be held on May 18 at 4:00. Graduate students from several departments and programs will present their research.

October-December                          Strategic Planning. Dean Paulette Lemma convened an ad-hoc committee to advise her on the strategic planning exercise called for by Provost Arends. A report is being submitted which includes a set of strategic goals and actionable points, along with a timeline, and consideration of the implications of the proposed objectives at different levels.


October 28                                      Fall Graduate Forum. Focus group activities related to strategic planning exercise.


November 20                                     Graduate Open House.

Scholarship Awards

            Graduate Outstanding Scholar Awards

Davis, Lynn

Communication (Arts & Sciences)

Wolf, Michelle K.

M.S. Comp. Info. Tech. (Sch. Of Bus.)

Ferguson, Mary

M.S. Counseling (Sch. Of Ed.)

Graduate Academic Awards

Dean, Jonathan

MS Marriage & Family Therapy

Domenichini, Eleanora

MA  Psychology

Galla, Traci L.

MS    Music

Lanza, Janna

MA  Biology

Lent, Christopher

MS Tech. Management

Lundgren, Deborah

MA Mathematics

McGuire, Susan

MA  English

Mullen, Jonathan

MA Geography

Ostergren, Sherri

MS  Art

Paiva, Priscilla

MA Biology

Petrillo, Lynda

MA  History

Petruccione, Paul

MS Special Education

Powers, Michelle

MS Mathematics

Ratcliffe, Patricia M.


Snow, Adrienne

6th Yr. Reading

Volovsek, Michaela

MA Modern Lang.

Vumback, Dianne

MS Bus. Ed.

Wessman-Pelletier, Amy

MS Biology

Wnuk, David

MS Communications



Policy Resolutions Passed


The following policies were adopted:


1. Students who are dismissed from a graduate program will not be allowed to take courses for graduate credit unless they have the permission of the instructor, the chair of the department offering the course and the Dean of Graduate Studies


2. A student who has been conditionally accepted into a graduate program will be given only one opportunity to fulfill all conditions. A second attempt may be granted by the department and the Dean of Graduate Studies in exceptional circumstances; however no student will be granted more than two opportunities to fulfill any conditions.

A. Change in the School of Graduate Studies Admission Policy:

The planned program should be developed with the advisor early in the student's graduate studies and must be approved prior to the completion of 16 credits of coursework. There is no assurance that course work completed before the planned program has been agreed upon with the academic advisor, will be approved.  However, no more than 9 credits at the 500 level taken as a non-matriculated student will be approved for programs requiring 30-35 credits (or 25% of the total credits for programs over the 36 credits).

B. Change in Admissions Policy for the Department of Art

POINT 1:  In addition to the requirements of the School of Graduate Studies, application to the Department of Art requires the student to submit evidence for:

1)      An undergraduate major in art, or  demonstrated  equivalent proficiency

2)      A portfolio of work: If a student intends to focus on a particular area such as drawing, ceramics, painting, etc., it is recommended the student include in the portfolio samples of work that specifically relate to the designated area.  If a specific area of concentration is not specified, then the student should submit samples of her or his best work.

3)      An essay.

The student should contact the Department of Art (860-832-2620) or check the Department website for more specific explanations of criteria for portfolios and essays.

POINT 2:  The new policy will go into effect:  Spring, 2005

POINT 3:  For applications that come in during the summer before the July 1 deadline, students will submit portfolios as per the department's guidelines.  The Chair or designee(s) will do a preliminary review and will, as in the spring semester review:

1)      Accept

2)      Accept the student conditionally, pending a successful portfolio and essay review by faculty during the fall semester, or

3)      Reject the student's application when the student does not meet departmental requirements

C. Changes in Admissions Policy for the Master of Science in Data Mining. The new policy will go into effect on July 2, 2004 for admission to Spring 2005.

The minimum required undergraduate GPA for prospective candidates for the Master of Science in Data Mining is 3.0.  Conditional admission may be granted to candidates with undergraduate GPA's as low as 2.4, conditioned on the student getting no grades lower than A- in their first three core courses in the program. 

The following materials are required, in addition to materials required by the School of Graduate Studies. 

(1)   A formal application essay of 500 -1000 words that focuses on (a) academic and work history, (b) reasons for pursing the Master of Science in Data Mining, and (c) future and professional aspirations. The essay will also be used to demonstrate a command of the English language.

(2)   A detailed, itemized letter explaining whether and how the candidate has fulfilled each of the program prerequisites that applicants to the Master of Science in Data Mining program are expected to have completed, or be in the process of completing:

·        Math 221 Calculus II;

·        Math 218 Discrete Mathematics;

·        Stat 315 Mathematical Statistics I;

·        CS 152 Computer Science II or CS 500 Computer Science for CIT; and

·        A second semester course in undergraduate statistics

Students may be admitted on condition that they complete these prerequisite courses with a grade of B or better.

In their letter, candidates are asked to show which courses on which transcripts are being used to fulfill each of these prerequisites.  In particular, the candidate is asked to consider that mathematical statistics is calculus-based, and represents a different approach beyond the usual undergraduate statistics course.  Therefore, a course description or syllabus for the mathematical statistics course should be attached to the letter.  If a candidate has not had courses that would fulfill certain program prerequisites, the candidate should so indicate.  The candidate is reminded that conditional admission may be granted for students needing to complete any or all of the program prerequisites.

(3)   Two letters of recommendation, one each from the academic and work environment (or two from academia if the candidate has not been employed).

The application and all transcripts should be sent to the Graduate Admissions Office.  The other materials, including the formal application essay, the prerequisites letter, and the two letters of recommendation, should be sent to:

Dr. Daniel T. Larose   RE: MS in Data Mining Admissions Materials

Department of Mathematical Sciences - Marcus White 118

Central Connecticut State University

New Britain, CT  06050

Note that only hard copy materials are acceptable.  No attachments to emails or other electronically transmitted material will be considered in admissions decisions.


Respectfully submitted by


Gustavo Mejia

Chair, Graduate Studies Committee

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