Minor in Latino Studies

Program Overview

A minor program in Latino studies prepares students with interdisciplinary knowledge and practical understanding of the social, economic, historical, and cultural conditions and impact of Latinos/as in the U.S. The program consists of a gateway introductory course in interdisciplinary Latino Studies (LTN 110), a capstone Individual Research Experience requirement (LTN 410), and 12 credits of electives, at least six of which must be at or above the 300 level.

LTN 110  Introduction to Latino Studies  3
LTN 410  Individual Study Project in Latino Studies 3

and 12 credits from the following electives, 6 of which must be at the 300 level or above. Note: Students without intermediate competence in Spanish (SPAN 125/190 or equivalent) must complete SPAN 125 or 190 in lieu of one of their elective courses.

ANTH 200 Dimensions of Diversity and Inequality 3
ANTH 352 Ethnicity and Ethnic Identity  3
ANTH 428 Cultures of Latin America  3
CRM 245  Diversity and Criminal Justice  3
ENG 347 Latino/a Literature  3
HIST 316 History of the American West to 1890  3
HIST 317 History of the American West, 1890 to Present  3
HIST 319 Race, Ethnicity, and Migration in the U.S.  3
IS 240 Caribbean Cultural Patterns  3
IS 245 Puerto Rico  3
LTN 470 Topics in Latino Studies  3
SOC 322 Race and Ethnic Relations  3
SOC 422 Sociology of Immigration  3
SOC 460 Social Movements and Collective Action  3
SPAN 191 Language for Heritage Speakers of Spanish II  3
SPAN 290 Hispanic Culture for Heritage Speakers of Spanish I 3
SPAN 291 Hispanic Culture for Heritage Speakers of Spanish II  3
SPAN 316 Latin American Civilization  3
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