Master of Public Administration Political Science

The Department of Political Science does not offer a graduate program, but an agreement between the University of Connecticut and Central Connecticut State University makes it possible for qualified undergraduate students at CCSU to enroll in up to four graduate-level courses in UConn's Master of Public Administration program and later apply these credits toward the M.P.A. Part-time students who have a bachelor's degree may take up to three courses at the graduate level before applying for the M.P.A. program. UConn M.P.A. students may take approved courses at CCSU's campus. There is some exchange of faculty between the two schools. Questions about the specifics of the cooperative program should be addressed to the M.P.A. director at UConn or to the chair of the Political Science Department at CCSU.

CCSU courses that have been approved for credit toward the M.P.A. are the following:

PS 446 The Budgetary Process
PS 448 The Politics of Human Services

Outside of the M.P.A. program, courses numbered 400 or higher which are offered by the department and listed elsewhere in this catalog may be included on planned programs of graduate study if approved by the student's advisor and the appropriate dean.

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