Master of Arts in Mathematics with Specialization in Statistics

Program Rationale:
The Master of Arts in Mathematics with Specialization in Statistics prepares students for a career or advanced study in statistics by understanding the discipline as a collection of inferential tools derived mathematically from models and/or assumptions.

Program Learning Outcomes:
Students in this program will be expected to:

  • comprehend the theory behind methods of statistical inference;
  • develop proficiency in the design and analysis of univariate, multivariate, stochastic, and categorical data;
  • become familiar with regression, log linear, and time series models;
  • understand and apply parametric and nonparametric procedures; and
  • develop expertise in using the latest statistical analysis software.

Course and Capstone Requirements

(30 credits):

(Plans A, B and C are offered as options.)

The student and faculty advisor will work out an appropriate plan of study within the framework of the following requirements.

Statistics Core (6 credits): STAT 567 and 575

Three courses chosen from ACTL 565, 566; MATH 470, 477, 519, 520; STAT 551 (9-11 credits)

Electives appropriate to the area of specialization (10-15 credits): No more than nine credits in the program may be earned in 400-level courses.


Plan A: Thesis (Math 599) (6 credits) with 27 credits of course work

Plan B: Comprehensive Exam with 30 credits of course work

Plan C: Special Project in Mathematics (MATH 590) (3 credits) with 30 credits of course work

Note: Once a graduate student has elected one of the three plans A, B or C, any change to one of the other plans must be made prior to the completion of 21 graduate credits and requires the approval of the student's advisor and the dean, School of Graduate Studies.

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