Master of Arts in Public History

Program Rationale:

Public historians are front-line interpreters, bringing historical knowledge to a broad public audience beyond the traditional academic classroom. The Masters of Arts in Public History is designed to prepare students for careers in history museums, historical societies, historic preservation, cultural resource management, government agencies, heritage tourism, and other fields in which history is presented to public and client-based audiences. The degree also provides K-12 history educators with tools to energize their classroom teaching. Students receive traditional training in the areas of historical research, writing, and interpretation, along with job specific skills and the hands-on experience necessary to become efficient and ethical stewards of the past. This degree is also appropriate for those seeking to pursue further study in American history or public history at the doctoral level.
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Program Learning Outcomes:

Students in the program will be expected to:

  • conduct original research;
  • interpret primary sources;
  • evaluate the historiography of a specific historical topic;
  • demonstrate knowledge of public history practices and techniques; and
  • communicate effectively with a non-academic or client-based audience.
Course and Capstone Requirements
(33 credits, including an internship and project [Plan C]):
Admission criteria: Acceptance into the CCSU Graduate Program and approval of the History Department.
Public history courses required (graduate courses specific to public history) (18 credits):
HIST 501 The Professional Historian 3
HIST 510 Seminar in Public History 3
HIST 511 Topics in Public History 6
(taken twice with different topics)
HIST 521 Public History Internship 3
HIST 595 Public History Research Project (Plan C) 3
  General history courses to be taken from the following list (9 credits):
HIST 560 Seminar in American History 3-6
HIST 565 Seminar in 17th- and 18th-Century America 3
HIST 566 U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction 3
HIST 570 Immigration in American History 3
HIST 540 Seminar in European History 3-6
HIST 563 The Age of Jackson 3
HIST 512 Connecticut Encounters 3
Two elective courses (6 credits), chosen in consultation with an advisor. At least one of these courses (3 credits) must be taken in a discipline other than history.

No more than six credits can be taken at the 400-level.

Additional non-course requirement: Each student must attend five professional conferences as part of his/her program.

For more information, contact Briann Greenfield, PhD, at 860-832-2821,

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