Major in Mechanical Engineering, BS

Mechanical Engineering Program Educational Objectives

The Mechanical Engineering program seeks to prepare graduates who, after the first few years of their career, have:
1) Established themselves as valued practicing mechanical engineers working primarily in the region.
2) Become supportive members of the community and active professionally, seeking continuous improvement of skills and professional growth.

The Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering is a program of study requiring 127-135 credits of undergraduate work, including a two-term senior project capstone requirement completed through oral and written reports. If desired, the candidate may also choose an appropriate sequence of elective courses for concentration in Manufacturing, or Aerospace.

Required coursework can be grouped in four categories: General Education, Major Requirements, Electives or Concentration Requirements, and Additional Requirements.

I. General Education (42-49 total credits)
NOTE: Distribution requirements are similar to the existing Engineering Technology General Education requirements.

Study Area I: Arts & Humanities
  Literature 3
  Philosophy or Fine Arts 3
  literature, philosophy or fine arts 3
Study Area II: Social Sciences
  history electives 6
Study Area III: Behavioral Sciences
  Elective 3
Study Area IV: Natural Sciences
PHYS 125 University Physics I 4
PHYS 126 University Physics II 4
Skill Area I: Communication Skills
ENG 110 Freshman Composition 3
ENGR 290 Engineering Technical Writing and Presentation 3
Skill Area II: Mathematics
MATH 152 Calculus I 4
MATH 221 Calculus II 4
Skill Area III: Foreign Language Proficiency 0-6
Skill Area IV: University Requirement 2-3
PE 144 Fitness/Wellness Ventures  
ENGR 150 Introduction to Engineering  

II. Major Requirements (40-43 credits)

ENGR 150 Introduction to Engineering 3
ENGR 251 Engineering Mechanics I - Statics 3
ENGR 252 Engineering Mechanics II - Dynamics 3
ENGR 257 Mechanics of Materials 3
ME 216 Manufacturing Engineering Processes 0-3
ME 258 Engineering Thermodynamics 3
ME 345 Engineering Statistical Analysis of Operations 3
ME 352 Modeling of Dynamic Systems 3
ME 354 Fluid Mechanics 3
ME 367 Machine Design 3
ME 370 Instrumentation 0-3
ME 403 Control of Dynamic Systems 3
ME 454 Heat Transfer 3
ME 497 Senior Project I: Project Research 2
ME 498 Senior Project II: Design Project 2

III. Electives or Concentration Requirements (9 credits)

General Electives:    
ME 458 Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Systems Design  
or   3
ME 459 Energy Conversion Systems  
ME Elective   3
Tech Elective 3
ME 360 Manufacturing Operations Analysis and Simulation 3
ME 460 Manufacturing System Design 3
ME 466 Inventive Engineering Design 3
ME 480 Propulsion Systems 3
ME 483 Aerodynamics 3
ME 486 Aerospace Structures and Materials 3

IV. Additional Requirements (35 credits)

CET 236 Circuit Analysis 3
CHEM 161 General Chemistry I 3
CHEM 162 General Chemistry I Laboratory 1
CHEM 163 General Chemistry II 3
CHEM 164 General Chemistry II Laboratory 1
ENGR 240 Spreadsheet and Engineering Problem Solving Tools 3
ETM 260 Computer Aided Design and Integrated Manufacturing CAD/CAM/CIM 3
ETM 356 Materials Analysis 3
ETM 467 Applied Finite Element Analysis 3
MATH 222 Calculus III 4
MATH 226 Linear Algebra and Probability for Engineers 4
MATH 355 Introduction to Differential Equations with Applications 4

Proof of 400 hours professional experience.

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