Major in Journalism, BA (40 credits)

The BA in Journalism is a 40-credit program that prepares students for entry into journalism and related fields where information-gathering, writing, editing, and awareness of public affairs are important. Students choose one of two tracks, print or broadcast, but all students receive training in multimedia reporting. All students must declare a minor in Arts and Sciences, excluding Communication. Resources such as the Robert Vance Endowed Chair in Journalism and Mass Communication allow the program to bring in visiting professionals on a regular basis to supplement the curriculum. A PORTFOLIO IS REQUIRED. For more information, contact Dr.Vivian B. Martin, program coordinator, 832-2776,

Plan of Study

Journalism (JRN) courses: 200, 235, 237, 336, 370, 371, 380, 381, 383, 384, 385, 400, 410, 412, 416, 418, 420, 490, 491, 495

Communication (COMM): 230, 231, 255, 330, 335, 420, 427, 428, 480, 495

English (ENG): 382

1. Common Core (22 credits)

Students must take JRN 200, 235, 236, 237, 383, 384, 412, and three credits from the following: JRN 370, 400, 410, 420. JRN 200: Introduction to Journalism (Prereq. ENG 110) 3 credits JRN 235: News Writing and Reporting I 3 credits JRN 237: Introduction to the Profession 1 credit (preferably taken concurrently with JRN 235 or 236) JRN 336: Journalism II 3 credits JRN 383: Responsibilities of Journalism 3 credits JRN 384: Journalism History 3 credits JRN 412: Editing 3 credits

One of the following: JRN 370: Today’s News in Context JRN 400: Journalism Theory JRN 410 : Public Opinion JRN 420: Political Economy and Media

2. Two Sequences: Print and Broadcast, 18 credits each.

Print sequence: 18 credits a. Required: JRN 385: Web Journalism, and two courses from the following: JRN 371: Reporting Cultural Diversity JRN 380: Feature Writing JRN 381: Editorial Writing JRN 416: Magazine Writing ENG 382: Travel Writing JRN 418: Studies in Journalism (students may take 418 twice provided the courses are on different topics)

b. Nine credits of directed electives chosen in consultation with a faculty advisor. These electives may include courses in Journalism not used to fulfill other requirements, including JRN 491(Campus Newspaper Critique) and JRN 495 (Internship), or courses in other departments and schools at CCSU. Three of the nine credits must be in a visual medium in or related to journalism (video, photojournalism, design). Students are encouraged to choose courses that will allow them to build an area of expertise that will help their future work in journalism and related media fields.

Broadcast sequence: 18 credits

a. Required:

JRN 340: Introduction to Broadcast News COMM 330: Digital Film and Television Production I COMM 427: Digital Film and Television Production II COMM 230: Introduction to Mass Media Or COMM 255: Visual Communication

b. Nine credits of directed electives chosen in consultant with a faculty advisor. Students may choose three courses from those listed below or, with approval of an advisor, select other courses from Journalism, Communication, or other CCSU departments. COMM 231: Communication Technologies COMM 335: Communication Management COMM 420: Principles of Digital Photography for Convergent Media COMM 428: Digital Film and Television Production III COMM 480: Television Documentary Production COMM 495: Special Topics in Communication JRN 495: Internship

Journalism Major- General Education Requirements

All majors:

1. HIST 161: American History to 1877


HIST 162: American History 1877 -

2. STAT 104: Elementary Statistics


STAT 215: Statistics for Behavioral Sciences I

3. PS 110: American Government


PS 230 : State and Local Government

All Majors:

4. Diversity requirement. Students can meet this requirement in one of a few ways.

a. Select one of the following:

ANTH 200 Dimensions of Diversity and Inequality


SOC 212: Race, Class, and Gender


HIST 319: Race, Ethnicity and Migration in the US


HIST 369: African American History


IS 226 Intercultural Sensitivity.

b. Choose a more advanced course in consultation with an adviser

c. Take JRN 371: Reporting Cultural Diversity.

5. COMM 230 is a recommended Gen Ed elective for all JRN majors (also counts towards broadcast sequence)

Broadcast Sequence

COMM 140: Public Speaking

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