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New SUOAF members have a mandatory orientation that is conducted by HR at least  once per semester.  The orientation is intended introduce members to the CCSU community, mission statement, strategic guidelines, organizational chart, updates-current events, training , training funds, tuition waivers,  benefits  programs, Office of Diversity and Equity, blue chip card, work life balance, EAP and Safe Zone information.  The Chief Administrative Officer for Administrative Affairs presents on the following: Event management, Violence for Campus policy, Environmental Health and Safety, sustainability, property and inventory control, construction on campus, facility management, tour of the campus through Google earth,  and student demographics.  New employees are given an extensive  packet for reference related to the presentations.   A police officer presents information on the following, emergency notification, parking and security.  Reference HR link for New Employees,http://www.ccsu.edu/page.cfm?p=9650


The SUOAF president is invited to the orientation program.  The president introduces the new SUOAF employees to the website and points out the link to mission and purpose, benefits and  our contract, http://www.ccsu.edu/page.cfm?p=829.  Additionally, all new members are sent a welcome letter from our executive board with a membership application.

— SUOAF-AFSCME Collective Bargaining Agreement 2007-2011 26





14.1 All administrative faculty members holding term appointments shall be renewed for service unless proper non–renewal notice is given.

14.2 Written notice of non–renewal of term appointments shall be given as follows. Employees in their first (1st) year of service shall receive notice three (3) months prior to the contract's expiration. Employees in their second (2nd) year of service shall receive notice six (6) months prior to the contract's expiration. Employees in their third (3rd) and succeeding years of service shall receive notice twelve (12) months prior to the contract's expiration.

14.3 Personal delivery of written notices of non–renewal or certified mailing of the same to the administrative faculty member's last recorded residence shall constitute effective notification. Comments on an evaluation form do not constitute appropriate written notice under this Article.

14.4 Failure to provide written notice of non–renewal according to the schedule set forth herein is equivalent to reappointment or, at the end of the sixth (6th) year of service, the granting of a continuing appointment.

14.5 Failure to renew a term appointment is grievable to Step 2 of the grievance procedure and may be carried further by mutual agreement only.



15.1 Definition

The granting of continuing appointment to a member of the administrative faculty shall be analogous to the granting of tenure to an instructional faculty member.

A continuing appointment to the administrative faculty shall be effective until resignation, retirement, or termination for cause. A continuing appointment shall be granted under the terms of this Agreement or by the Board of Trustees, upon the University President's/Chancellor’s recommendation.


15.2 Eligibility

A continuing appointment will be granted to administrative faculty members who are employed on a full–time basis under term appointments and who are in Administrative ranks I through VII.

The determination to grant or to deny continuing appointment shall be made no later than the end of the administrative faculty member's sixth (6th) year of full–time service at the University. If continuing appointment is granted, the administrative faculty member will receive such by the end of his seventh year of full–time service at the University. If continuing appointment is denied, the faculty member holding a term appointment shall be timely notified of his non–renewal. Failure to give notice of non–reappointment by the end of the sixth (6th) year of employment under a term contract constitutes the awarding of continuing appointment.

Members may be recommended for continuing appointment regardless of the length of their employment. Failure to grant continuing appointment early is not grievable.

15.2.1 During the term appointment period, paid leaves shall not affect continuity of service. Persons with unpaid leaves, pursuant to Article 25, reestablish continuity of full–time service upon return from such leave.

15.2.2 Resignation from the University terminates the term appointment period applicable toward continuing appointment. An administrative faculty member returning to the University after a SUOAF-AFSCME Collective Bargaining Agreement 2007-2011 27

resignation, however, may request credit toward continuing appoint-ment for his prior service.

15.2.3 Pursuant to Article 13.1, employees on grant–funded appointments are not eligible for continuing appointment.

15.3 Basis for Awarding Continuing Appointment

The assessment of an administrative faculty member's qualifications for continuing appointment shall take into account the following criteria:

(1) demonstrated knowledge of and effective application of professional skills in the field worked;


(2) willingness and ability to work constructively with students, University personnel, and the general public;


(3) quality of participation and professional judgment in University and/or system wide activities, including committee work and/or advisory service to student and professional colleagues, and similar contributions;


(4) activities demonstrating professional growth and achievement;


(5) promise of continued professional growth.


15.4 Denial of a continuing appointment is grievable to Step 2 of the grievance procedure and may be carried forward by mutual agreement only.

15.5 Continuing appointment decisions are made after evaluating a person's performance on a specific campus and giving thoughtful consideration to his ability to advance the goals of the campus involved. Consequently, a continuing appointment is granted in the administrative faculty of a particular University. Nothing in this Agreement shall prevent the transfer of a member's continuing appointment rights in one University of the system to another if the receiving University consents to do so. SUOAF-AFSCME Collective Bargaining Agreement 2007-2011 28

15.6 Persons promoted to Management or Confidential Professional unclassified positions, who have previously earned a continuing appointment at a lower rank in the bargaining unit retain the right to return to the lower rank and to again take up their continuing appointment for a period of three (3) years from the date of promotion. Former SUOAF members promoted into and holding Management or Confidential Professional unclassified positions prior to July 1, 2001, retain their return rights. No return shall cause the removal of a current bargaining unit member from his position.

15.7 When a member within SUOAF or AAUP with tenure or continuing appointment transfers from one unclassified bargaining unit to another, conditions of the transfer, and possible return, shall be negotiated in advance with all affected bargaining units. Any resulting written agreement shall prevail over the provisions of any contract then in effect.

15.8 An administrative faculty member who was granted tenure prior to June 13, 1975, or who elected to be considered for tenure under the 1971 Personnel Policies, pursuant to the 1975 Personnel Policies, will continue to hold tenure.

15.9 Emeritus status shall be awarded to administrative faculty members holding continuing appointment at the University recommending the title who have retired in accordance with the provisions of State Statutes. Emeritus status is awarded by the Board of Trustees upon recommendation by the University President. Emeriti shall be accorded at least the following privileges: desk space if available, full use of the library, catalog listing, a printed certificate, professional use of the title, invitations to University functions, course privileges available pursuant to Article 22 and inclusion on the mailing list for all University publications.




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