International Courses

In view of the increasing relevance of the global context to the future of our students and their need for greater understanding of the world around them, each student must complete 6 credits in courses designated as "international" [I]. The "international" designation applies to all courses that substantially contribute to the understanding of the cultural expressions or social, political, and economic conditions of a particular region or country other than the United States. It also applies to courses that systematically offer a comparative international perspective and/or explore contemporary global issues. International courses are indicated by [I] at the end of their course descriptions; a list of international courses is linked here. In addition, an international on-site education experience (e.g. faculty-led course abroad or semester-long study abroad) that results in approved CCSU transfer credit will fulfill the equivalent number of credits toward the International requirement (this shall apply even if the equivalent CCSU course(s) does not bear an International designation).

Courses with the letter [I] have been designated as fulfilling the international component of the general education requirements. The following is a list of courses with the [I] designation. This list took effect for the spring 2008 semester. In addition to the courses in this list, an approved international education experience will count toward the fulfillment of the International requirement (see the Center for International Education for more information).

AMS 422   Native Americans
ANTH 140   Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 170   Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 239   Work and Culture
ANTH 240   The Supernatural
ANTH 422   Native Americans
ANTH 424   Peoples and Cultures of Africa
ANTH 426   People and Cultures of Eastern Europe
ANTH 428   Cultures of Latin America
ANTH 429   Global India
ART 110   Introduction to Art History
ART 112   History of Art I
ART 113   History of Art II
ART 210   Greek Art
ART 215   The African Diaspora
ART 216   Modern Art
ART 218   Renaissance Art
ART 412   Oriental Art
ART 494   Location Studies-Art
BIO 102   International Search in Biology
BIO 132   Introductory Ecology
BIO 171   Introductory Field Studies in Biology
BIO 471   International Field Studies in Biology
CHIN 125   Intermediate Chinese I
CHIN 126   Intermediate Chinese II
CHIN 225   Intermediate Chinese III
CHIN 226   Intermediate Chinese IV
CHIN 261   Business Chinese
CHIN 304   Topics in Chinese Literature [L]
CHIN 315   Topics in Chinese Culture
CHIN 335   Advanced Chinese for Oral Expression
CHIN 336   Advanced Chinese Composition
CHIN 475   Studies in Classical Chinese
CINE 270   Studies of World Culture Through Cinema
CINE 465   Global Cinema
CM 110   The Built Environment and Global Society
COMM 296   Global Studies in Communication
COMM 455   Global Visual Communication
COMM 496   Field Studies in Communication
DAN 234   Ballroom Dance
DAN 299   Dance History
DAN 398   Contemporary Dance Technique
DES 419   History of Design
ECON 430   International Economics
ECON 435   Economic Development
ENG 203   Survey of World Literature: Ancient to Early Modern [L]
ENG 204   Survey of World Literature: 17th Century to the Present [L]
ENG 214   Studies in International Literature [L]
ENG 215   Introduction to Women Writers [L]
ENG 262   Introduction to Drama [L]
ENG 347   Latino/a Literature [L]
ENG 363   Greek Literature
ENG 364   Latin Literature
ENG 365   The Modern European Novel
ENG 367   Global Novel
ENG 465   Global Cinema
ENG 488   Studies in World Literature
ETM 340   Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
FIN 330   International Finance
FR 125   Intermediate French I
FR 126   Intermediate French II
FR 151   French for Reading Knowledge
FR 225   Intermediate French III
FR 226   Intermediate French IV
FR 261   Business French
FR 304   Introduction to French Literature [L]
FR 305   Introduction to Francophone Literature [L]
FR 315   Aspects of French History & Culture
FR 316   Contemporary France
FR 335   Advanced French for Oral Practice
FR 336   Advanced French Composition
FR 350   Topics in French Literature, Culture, and Language
FR 441   Advanced Oral Practice
FR 451   The Structure of Modern French
FR 460   Advanced Grammar & Composition
FR 472   Studies in French Culture
GEOG 120   World Regional Geography
GEOG 220   Human Geography
GEOG 244   Economic Geography
GEOG 290   Geography of Tourism
GEOG 291   National Parks and World Heritage Sites
GEOG 434   Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean
GEOG 435   Japan and Korea
GEOG 436   South America
GEOG 437   China
GEOG 446   Sub-Saharan Africa
GEOG 448   Russia and Neighboring Regions
GEOG 452   European Union
GEOG 459   Field Studies in Regional Geography
GER 125   Intermediate German I
GER 126   Intermediate German II
GER 225   Intermediate German III
GER 226   Intermediate German IV
GER 304   Introduction to German Literature I [L]
GER 305   Introduction to German Literature II [L]
GER 315   German Civilization to 1800
GER 316   German Civilization from 1800 to Present
GER 335   Advanced German for Oral Expression
GER 336   Advanced Structure & Idiom
GER 441   Advanced Oral Practice
HIST 121   World Civilization I
HIST 122   World Civilization II
HIST 231   Ancient Mediterranean World
HIST 232   Medieval Europe
HIST 233   Renaissance and Enlightenment Europe
HIST 234   Modern Europe
HIST 251   East Asia to 1800
HIST 252   East Asia since 1800
HIST 277   History of Christianity I
HIST 278   History of Christianity II
HIST 281   History of Latin America to 1823
HIST 282   History of Latin America since 1823
HIST 291   Modern Middle East
HIST 292   History of Judaism
HIST 334   Women of Medieval Europe
HIST 341   English History to 1715
HIST 342   English History since 1715
HIST 343   Modern Ireland: 1690-Present
HIST 344   History of Modern Germany
HIST 347   History of Russia I
HIST 348   History of Russia II
HIST 353   History of Modern China
HIST 354   History of Modern Japan
HIST 356   History of East Central Europe since 1919
HIST 373   The African Diaspora in the Caribbean since 1500
HIST 375   History of Africa to 1800
HIST 376   History of Africa Since 1800
HIST 379   History of Poland: from the Piasts to Partition, 966-1795
HIST 380   Modern Poland
HIST 421   Britain at the Turn of the 20th Century
HIST 452   World War II in Europe
HON 130   World Cultures I
HON 230   World Cultures II: Topics in World Cultures
HON 250   Western/World Culture III: Comparative Topics
HUM 230   Topics in International Studies
HUM 250   Topics in European Literature [L]
HUM 330   Selected Topics in Global Cultures
HUM 360   International Studies Through Travel
IS 225   The World as a Total System
IS 226   Intercultural Sensitivity
IS 230   Topics in International Studies
IS 240   Caribbean Cultural Patterns
IS 245   Puerto Rico
IS 330   Selected Topics in Global Cultures
IS 360   International Studies Through Travel
IS 490   Field Studies Abroad
IS 497   Seminar in International Studies
ITAL 125   Intermediate Italian I
ITAL 126   Intermediate Italian II
ITAL 190   Italian for Italian Speakers
ITAL 225   Intermediate Italian III
ITAL 226   Italian Structure and Idiom
ITAL 304   Introduction to Italian Literature I [L]
ITAL 305   Introduction to Italian Literature II [L]
ITAL 315   Italian Civilization to 1861
ITAL 316   Italian Civilization from 1861 to the Present
ITAL 335   Advanced Composition and Diction
ITAL 336   Advanced Structure and Idiom
ITAL 441   Advanced Oral Practice
ITAL 470   14th-Century Italian Literature
ITAL 476   16th-Century Italian Literature
ITAL 488   Italian Life and Culture
JAPN 125   Intermediate Japanese I
JAPN 126   Intermediate Japanese II
JAPN 225   Intermediate Japanese III
JAPN 226   Intermediate Japanese IV
JAPN 335   Japanese for Oral Expression I
JAPN 336   Japanese for Oral Expression II
LAS 235   International Relations
LAS 282   Latin American History Since 1823
LAS 316   Latin American Civilization
LAS 375   Spanish American Literature I [L]
LAS 428   Cultures of Latin America
LAS 436   Spanish American Literature I
LAW 390   Topics in International Business Law
LING 230   The Study of Language
LTN 347   Latino/a Literature [L]
MATH 344   Mathematics in Diverse Cultures
MGT 321   International Management
MGT 395   Field Studies in International Business
MGT 462   International Human Resource Management
MGT 495   Seminar in International Business
MKT 321   International Marketing
MKT 495   Field Studies in International Marketing
ML 126   Intermediate Modern Language II
ML 200   Topics in Modern Language Studies
MUS 110   Listening to Classical Music
MUS 111   Music of the World's People
MUS 211   Ethnomusicology
MUS 235   Music History I
MUS 236   Music History II
MUS 335   Music History III
PES 345   Philosophy of War and Peace
PHIL 211   Global Justice
PHIL 250   Introduction to Asian Philosophy
PHIL 260   African Philosophy
PHIL 275   Chinese Philosophy
PHIL 332   The Age of Ideology
PHIL 345   Philosophy of War & Peace
PHIL 366   Existentialism
PHIL 376   Buddhist Philosophy
POL 125   Intermediate Polish I
POL 126   Intermediate Polish II
PS 104   The World's Political Systems
PS 235   International Relations
PS 336   West European Governments
PS 338   International Organization
PS 339   International Law
PS 345   International Terrorism
PS 380   International Conflict and Security
PS 420   Government and Politics of Latin America
PS 421   Government and Politics of Africa
PS 425   Asian Politics
PS 434   Government and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa
PS 435   Russian and Eastern Europe
PSY 350   Cross-Cultural Psychology
REL 110   World Religions
REL 250   Japanese Religion
REL 256   Philosophy, Religion, and Spirituality
SET 490   Topics in International Field Studies
SOC 424   Genocide and the Modern World
SOC 426   Sociology of Revolution
SOC 428   Globalization and Its Discontents
SOC 494   Sociological Fields Abroad
SPAN 123   Basic Spanish Review
SPAN 125   Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 126   Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 128   Intensive Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 190   Language for Heritage Speakers of Spanish I
SPAN 191   Language for Heritage Speakers of Spanish II
SPAN 225   Intermediate Spanish III
SPAN 226   Intermediate Spanish IV
SPAN 261   Business Spanish
SPAN 290   Hispanic Culture for Heritage Speakers of Spanish I
SPAN 291   Hispanic Culture for Heritage Speakers of Spanish II
SPAN 300   Literary Analysis
SPAN 304   Introduction to Spanish Literature I [L]
SPAN 305   Introduction to Spanish Literature II [L]
SPAN 315   Spanish Civilization
SPAN 316   Latin American Civilization
SPAN 335   Advanced Spanish for Oral Expression
SPAN 336   Advanced Spanish Composition
SPAN 375   Spanish American Literature I [L]
SPAN 376   Spanish American Literature II [L]
SPAN 441   Cross-Cultural Communication
SW 440   Social Work Practice with African Populations
SW 441   Social Work Practice with Latinos
SW 442   The Social Consequences of Immigration
TH 222   History of Fashion
WGSS 334   Women of Medieval Europe
WGSS 335   Women, Marriage, and Family in Early Modern Europe
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