Study Area IV. Natural Sciences

6-7 credits

A laboratory experience is required. Courses that focus on the scientific analysis of the natural world. (In this study area, students will typically be exposed to courses in biology, biomolecular science, chemistry, earth science, and physics.)

BIO 100   Search in Biology
BIO 101   Search in Biology with Lab
BIO 102   International Search in Biology [I]
BIO 111   Introductory Biology
BIO 113   Laboratory Experience in Biology
BIO 120   Plants of Connecticut
BIO 121   General Biology I
BIO 122   General Biology II
BIO 132   Introductory Ecology [I]
BIO 133   Laboratory in Introductory Ecology
BIO 150   Long Island Sound-Introductory Ecology
BIO 170   Introductory Field Studies in Biology
BIO 171    Introductory Field Studies in Biology [I]
BIO 211   Concepts in Biology
BIO 230   Natural History
BMS 100   Search in Biomolecular Sciences
BMS 101   Search in Biomolecular Sciences with Lab
BMS 102   Introduction to Biomolecular Science
BMS 103   Introduction to Biomolecular Science Laboratory
BMS 111   Cells and the Human Body
BMS 113   Laboratory Experience in Biomolecular Science
BMS 201   Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology
CHEM 100   Search in Chemistry and Biochemistry
CHEM 102   Chemistry of Nutrition
CHEM 111   Introductory Chemistry
CHEM 116   Introduction to Forensic Chemistry
CHEM 150   Chemistry of Allied Health I
CHEM 152   Chemistry of Allied Health II
CHEM 161   General Chemistry I
CHEM 162   General Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM 163   General Chemistry II
CHEM 164   General Chemistry II Laboratory
ESCI 100   Search in Earth Science
ESCI 101   Search in Earth Science with Laboratory
ESCI 110   Introduction to the Earth
ESCI 117   Introduction to the Solar System
ESCI 118   Introduction to Stars and Galaxies
ESCI 121   Physical Geology
ESCI 122   Historical Geology
ESCI 129   Introduction to Meteorology
ESCI 178   Planetary Astronomy
ESCI 179   Stellar Astronomy
ESCI 278   Observational Astronomy
ET 241   Applied Statics and Strength of Materials
FYS 104   First Year Seminar-Natural Sciences
GEOG 272   Physical Geography
GEOG 275   Soils and Vegetation
HON 120   Science & Society I
ISCI 104   Science Connections
ISCI 118   Women's Contributions to Science
PHYS 111   Introductory Physics I
PHYS 113   The Sound of Music
PHYS 121   General Physics I
PHYS 122   General Physics II
PHYS 125   University Physics I
PHYS 126   University Physics II
SCI 111   Elementary Earth-Physical Sciences
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