Study Area II. Social Sciences

9 credits

At least 3 credits required in history, and no more than 6 credits from any one discipline. Courses dealing with formal social structures (such as governments, interest groups, territorial entities, economic firms) in their historical and contemporary contexts. (In this study area, students will typically be exposed to courses in economics, geography, history, and political science.)

AFAM 110   Introduction to African-American Studies
AMS 241   Introduction to Planning
CHIN 315   Topics Chinese Culture [I]
CRM 110   Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
ECON 200   Principles of Economics I
ECON 201   Principles of Economics II
ECON 250   Contemporary Economic Issues
ET 399   Engineering Economy
FR 315   Aspects of French History & Culture [I]
FR 316   Contemporary France [I]
FYS 102   First Year Seminar-Social Studies
GEOG 100   Search in Geography
GEOG 110   Introduction to Geography
GEOG 120   World Regional Geography [I]
GEOG 130   Intro. to Geography Information Science
GEOG 220   Human Geography [I]
GEOG 223   Geography of the Popular Music Industry
GEOG 241   Introduction to Planning
GEOG 244   Economic Geography [I]
GEOG 270   Geography of Hazards
GEOG 290   Geography of Tourism [I]
GEOG 291   National Parks and World Heritage Sites [I]
GEOG 333   Political Geography
GER 315   German Civilization to 1800 [I]
GER 316   German Civilization from 1800 to Present [I]
HIST 100   Search in History
HIST 121   World Civilization I [I]
HIST 122   World Civilization II [I]
HIST 161   American History to 1877
HIST 162   American History from 1877 to Present
HIST 231   Ancient Mediterranean World [I]
HIST 232   Medieval Europe [I]
HIST 233   Renaissance and Enlightenment Europe [I]
HIST 234   Modern Europe [I]
HIST 251   East Asia to 1800 [I]
HIST 252   East Asia since 1800 [I]
HIST 253   History of the South Pacific
HIST 271   Intro. to African History and Culture
HIST 277   History of Christianity I [I]
HIST 278   History of Christianity II [I]
HIST 281   History of Latin America to 1823 [I]
HIST 282   History of Latin America since 1823 [I]
HIST 291   Modern Middle East [I]
HIST 292   History of Judaism [I]
HIST 375   History of Africa to 1800 [I]
HIST 376   History of Africa Since 1800 [I]
HON 130   World Cultures I [I]
HON 230   World Cultures II: Topics in World Cultures [I]
HON 442   Writing & Research IV: Thesis Workshop
IS 225   The World as a Total System [I]
IS 240   Caribbean Cultural Patterns [I]
IS 245   Puerto Rico [I]
ITAL 315   Italian Civilization to 1861 [I]
ITAL 316   Italian Civilization from 1861 to the Present [I]
LAS 235   International Relations [I]
LAS 282   Latin American History Since 1823 [I]
LAS 316   Latin American Civilization [I]
LTN 110   Introduction to Latino Studies
PES 110   Introduction to the Study of Peace & War
PES 111   War & Peace through Films
PS 104   The World’s Political Systems [I]
PS 110   American Government & Politics
PS 230   American State and Local Government
PS 235   International Relations [I]
PS 260   Public Administration
PS 270   Law and Politics
PS 280   Religion & Politics
PS 315   Internet & Media Politics
PS 334   Modern Political Thought
SPAN 315   Spanish Civilization [I]
SPAN 316   Latin American Civilization [I]
TE 110   Technological Systems
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