Note: Enrollment in 300- and 400-level marketing courses requires admission to the School of Business or permission of the department chair.

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MKT 295 Fundamentals of Marketing 3
Overview of marketing emphasizing customer satisfaction and value. Product, price, promotion, place, people and physical evidence of quality; consumer behavior; marketing research; segmentation-targeting-positioning; ethical, global, and social issues are highlighted. CSUS Common Course.


MKT 305 Consumer Behavior 3
Prereq.: MKT 295 (C- or higher). Examines the influence of psychological, sociological and cultural factors on buying behavior of consumers and industrial buyers. Shows how this knowledge is indispensable to the marketing manager when he or she delineates target markets and makes decisions about product, price, promotion, and channels of distribution. Current theories and models are related to present practices and potential applications.

MKT 306 Advertising and Promotion 3
Prereq.: MKT 295 (C- or higher). Study of an organization's marketing communication with consumers and other stakeholders. Theory, characteristics and management of various promotion mix elements are surveyed with an emphasis on advertising and sales promotion.

MKT 307 Sales Administration 3
Prereq.: MKT 295 (C- or higher). Examines the organization of sales departments and how to select, train, administer, and evaluate the sales force. Techniques of sales forecasting, planning, and analysis are explored. Fall.

MKT 311 Retailing 3
Prereq.: MKT 295 (C- or higher). Discussions of retail store problems, opportunities and trends in retailing, store organizations, merchandising, and store management. Spring.

MKT 321 International Marketing 3
Prereq.: MKT 295 (C- or higher). An analysis of the techniques, procedures, and strategies used by multinational firms. Potential problems are explored. Methods and sources of data for determining products to sell and countries in which to sell them are studied. Fall. [I]

MKT 350 Internet Marketing and Channels 3
Prereq.: MKT 295 (C- or higher). Discussion of the supply chain with emphasis on internet marketing. A critical analysis of various distributive strategies, underlying theories of distribution channels, techniques of costing alternative trade channels, and the structuring of channel intermediaries. Spring.

MKT 358 Relationship Marketing 3
Prereq.: MKT 295 (C- or higher). Strategic planning for developing and retaining repeat customers and business buyers. An examination of customer service systems and measurements such as buyer communication, customer satisfaction research, databases, pricing incentives, and product enhancements. Spring.

MKT 359 Special Events Marketing 3
Prereq.: MKT 295 (C- or higher). Prepares current and future managers to deal with business special events and meetings. Provides students with basic concepts common to all special events, as well as, ideas and techniques concerning unique situations. Fall.

MKT 373 Marketing Research 3
Prereq.: MKT 295, STAT 201 with grades of C- or higher; MKT 305 (may be taken concurrently). Overview of research methods and procedures used in marketing to help solve marketing problems. Analysis of basic research designs and methods of collecting and interpreting data.

MKT 375 Services Marketing 3
Prereq.: MKT 305 (C- or higher). Investigates unique problems associated with marketing of services. Focuses on managing customer perceptions of service quality by designing services to match customer driven quality standards, communication to set realistic customer expectations and delivering services to meet those expectations.

MKT 380 Market Data Analysis 3
Prereq.: STAT 201, MKT 373 with a grade of C- or higher. Theoretical foundations in consumer need identification, prospecting, segmentation, positioning, pricing, advertising, consumer purchase decision process. Use of ANOVA, factor, cluster, discriminant, and conjoint analysis, perceptual maps and experimental designs.

MKT 390 Product Development & Management 3
Prereq.: MKT 373 (C- or higher). Analytic methods and models used in practice to develop new products and services; step-by-step development process including; opportunity identification, concept generation, concept evaluation, development, launch, management over the life cycle.



MKT 413 Business-to-Business Marketing 3
Prereq.: MKT 295 (C- or higher). Organization, principles, policies, procedures, and techniques used in effective and efficient buying and selling of materials, equipment and, supplies by business and industry. Emphasis on roles of purchasing agents in wholesale organizations and buyers in retail establishments.

MKT 415 Marketing Touristic Startups 3
Prereq.: MKT 295, MGT 295, AC 211 (with a grade of C- or higher). Principles and practices in creating and marketing touristic startups: market research, market identification, market analysis, market planning, market pursuit, and marketing management. Spring.

MKT 439 Direct Marketing 3
Prereq.: MKT 373 C- or higher. Theory and application of direct marketing concepts, issues and applications including: list maintenance, market segmentation, customer profiling, response model building, model performance, the offer letter, media selection and performance.

MKT 444 Direct Marketing Analytics 3
Prereq.: MKT 373 C- or higher. Students learn SAS programming, advanced statistical application, and marketing analytics as used in the direct marketing industry. Specific applications include: customer profiling, geographic segmentation and customer response modeling. Cross listed with STAT 456. No credit given to students with credit for STAT 456. Spring.

MKT 450 Marketing Strategy and Plan 3
Prereq.: AC 212, FIN 295, MGT 295, MIS 201, MKT 305 and MKT 380 (all with grades of C- or higher). and senior standing. Synthesis of analytical frameworks: models for understanding customers, competitors, collaborators (e.g., suppliers and intermediaries), the organization itself, and the design of its strategy, Students practice decision making with a marketing simulation and write a marketing plan.

MKT 470 Integrated Marketing Communication 3
Prereq.: MKT 306 (C- or higher). Applications of marketing communication theory. Students learn how an organization integrates its promotion mix elements to present a unified message, and then create a strategic promotion plan for a real client. Fall. [GR]

MKT 471 Topics in Human Geography: Marketing 3
Prereq.: Permission of instructor. Cross listed with GEOG 471. See GEOG 471 for detailed description. No credit given to students with credit for GEOG 471.

MKT 480 Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations 3
Prereq.: MKT 295 (C- or higher). A comprehensive study of the techniques used in marketing as they apply to non-profit organizations such as hospitals, governments, social action groups, educational institutions, religious institutions, etc. Topical areas to be covered will include market analysis, promotion decisions, market information systems, and decision making in non-profit structures.

MKT 481 Consultative Selling Techniques 3
Prereq.: MKT 305 (C- or higher) or permission of instructor. Integrate theory and application of the consultative sales process with counselor style selling techniques emphasizing internalization of selling skills for business-to-business marketing employing lecturing, modeling, role playing, and coaching. Also studied are sales careers, CRM systems and applied psychology for selling.

MKT 494 Independent Study in Marketing 1 TO 6
Prereq.: MKT 295 (C- or higher); and senior standing, permission of the supervising instructor, the department chair, and the Dean of the School of Business. Special study or research projects, as assigned. Students with a deep interest in a specialized subject area explore their topic in detail. Winter, Summer.

MKT 495 Field Studies in International Marketing 3
Prereq.: Registration for a marketing study abroad program. Study abroad course where marketing readings intertwine with visits to business and cultural centers in international countries. The program focuses on global marketing. May only be taken once and cannot be combined with an independent study in marketing for a study abroad program. [I]

MKT 496 Practicum in Marketing 3
Prereq.: Permission of department chair. Students work on a real world project under the direct supervision of a faculty advisor. Projects may be sponsored by a host organization. Student performance is monitored and evaluated in relation to conditions set forth in an approved Project Plan. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits. On demand.

MKT 497 Marketing Internship 3
Prereq.: MKT 295 (C- or higher); and permission of the department chair and the Dean of the School of Business. Offers opportunity for students to use marketing knowledge and skills while gaining professional experience in a Connecticut business, government agency or non-profit organization. Majors with an overall GPA of 2.50 or better only. Winter, Summer.

MKT 498 Marketing Seminar 3
Prereq.: MKT 295 (C- or higher) and senior standing. Exposes students to the latest developments in the field of marketing. Emphasis is placed on current advanced books and literature in relevant journals. Content will vary from semester to semester. On demand.

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