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ETC 122 Introduction to CAD for AEC I 3
Concepts of computer-aided drafting and design applied to engineering drawings and schematics for the architectural, civil, construction, electrical, and mechanical disciplines. Laboratory course utilizing AutoCAD application software. Three hours lecture and two hours laboratory, course meets five hours per week. Fall.


ETC 353 Introduction to Engineering Surveying 3
Prereq.: MATH 115 or 119. Application of survey instruments to perform measurements for design and construction. Use of survey instruments to measure elevations, distances, and angles; and application of survey mathematics to calculate locations, areas, earthwork, and roadway curves. Three hours lecture and two hours laboratory, course meets five hours per week. Fall.

ETC 397 Structural Analysis 3
Prereq.: ET 357. Analysis of statically determined structures; influence lines, deflection analysis of trusses, beams and frames; introduction to indeterminate structural analysis using consistent deformation principles and moment distribution; computer applications.



ETC 405 Applied Structural Systems 3
Prereq.: ET 241 or ET 251, and CM 356; or permission of instructor. Introduction to strength of materials, structural analysis and the structural design process for the construction manager or architect. Includes review of current structural steel and reinforced concrete design specifications and building code requirements. Cannot be used for credit in ET programs. Spring. [GR]

ETC 451 Soil Mechanics & Foundations 3
Prereq.: ET 357. Fundamentals of soil behavior and its use as a construction material. Principles of effective strength, permeability, shear strength, and consolidation. Application to construction problems in shallow and deep foundations, slope stability, retaining structures and excavation drainage. Lecture/lab required. Fall. [GR]

ETC 454 Introduction to Transportation Engineering 3
Prereq.: ETC 353. Study of the planning, design, environmental concerns addressing, construction and maintenance of transportation projects using new and rehabilitated highway and bridge projects as focus points for lecture and laboratory work. Lecture/lab required. Fall. [GR]

ETC 457 Advanced Surveying 3
Prereq.: ETC 353 and MATH 125. Advanced topics in surveying including horizontal and vertical curve layout, traversing earthwork, and laser leveling. Computer applications and effective total station usage is stressed. Three hours lecture and two hours laboratory, course meets five hours per week.

ETC 458 GPS Mapping for GIS 3
Prereq.: ETC 353 or GEOG 378 or permission of instructor. Use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) to collect information for use in a Geographic Information System (GIS). Includes integration of vector and raster data sets with GPS data. Hands-on use of equipment is emphasized. [GR]

ETC 470 Structural Steel Design 3
Prereq.: ETC 356 and ET 397. An introduction to the analysis of steel structures using classical and computer methods. Application of design, fabrication, and construction in structural steel using standard specifications. Topics on beams, columns, trusses, and frames. Fall. [GR]

ETC 471 Reinforced Concrete Structures 3
Prereq.: ET 357 and ETC 397. Applications of design and construction in reinforced concrete and timber structures. Topics on beams, columns, slabs, footings, retaining walls, form work, and pre-stressed concrete fundamentals. Spring. [GR]

ETC 472 Timber Structures 3
Prereq.: ETC 397. A study of the physical properties of wood used in structures and architecture. Influence on strength of moisture content, species, and preservation treatments are emphasized. Design and construction applications in bridges and buildings. Spring. [GR]

ETC 475 Hydrology & Storm Drainage 3
Prereq.: ETC 122 and ET 252 and 354; or permission of instructor. Engineering topics pertaining to the hydrological cycle. Computational techniques and the use of application software for analysis of rainfall and runoff. Design skills for stormwater mitigation will be applied to course project. Lecture/lab required. Spring. [GR]

ETC 476 Environmental Technology 3
Prereq.: CHEM 111 or CHEM 161 and 162 or CHEM 121 and MATH 115 or 119. Environmental effects on air, water, and land from construction activities. Case studies with discussion of corrective action. Fall. [GR]

ETC 497 Civil Technical Practice and Senior Project Research 2
Prereq.: ETC 353 or CM 353; ETC 397. First of a two-course sequence. Students work in teams in an environment appropriate to a professional Civil ET setting. Teams propose and develop a capstone design project. Class presentations include communication, engineering project management, the design function, ethics, professional liability and qualifications based selection. Oral and written communication skills are emphasized. Fall.

ETC 498 Civil ET Senior Project (Capstone) 2
Prereq.: ETC 497. Second of two-course capstone sequence completing senior team project in engineering technology. Project teamwork, engineering methodology, and oral and written communication skills emphasized. Oral and written presentations required. Projects may originate from student, instructor, and/or industrial partner. Students must register to take the fall or spring NCEES FE exam. Spring.


ETC 550 Global Positioning Systems Applications 3
Prereq.: ET 457. Global Positioning System (GPS) use for control surveying, GIS data acquisition and land surveying applications. Students will gather GPS field data and perform differential processing including static, kinematic, pseudo-kinematic, and real time GPS. Fall.

ETC 556 Architectural and Civil Engineering Technology Computer Aided Design 3
Prereq.: Admission to MSET or MSTM, or permission of E.T. department chair. MicroStation CAD software in practical projects applications. Introduction to 3D design and solid modeling. Irregular.

ETC 571 Design and Construction of Concrete Structures 3
Prereq.: Admission to the MSET program or permission of instructor. Design and construction aspects of concrete structures with reference to buildings and short-span bridges. Case studies construction failures. Computer methods of analysis and design. Fall. (O)

ETC 573 Foundation Analysis and Design 3
Prereq.: Admission to the MSET program or permission of instructor. A study of the methods for subsoil investigations and in-situ testing to determine soil characteristics, analysis and design of shallow and deep foundations, and gravity and cantilever retaining walls. On demand.

ETC 574 Ground Improvement Techniques 3
Prereq.: Admission to the MSET program or permission of instructor. Principles of mechanical and chemical soil stabilizations, surcharging, dewatering, and deep dynamic compaction. On demand.

ETC 575 Earth and Earth Supported Structures 3
Prereq.: Admission to the MSET program or permission of instructor. Principles and methods for design and construction of flexible retaining structures, braced excavations, slurry walls, cellular cofferdams, and earth slopes. On demand.

ETC 577 Engineering Technology Project Administration 3
Examination of principles and practices of project administration. Topics include planning, budgeting, permitting, programming, personnel, legal, public involvement, tort liability, emergency handling, and dealing with federal and state government requirements. Fall.

ETC 578 Value Engineering for AEC 3
Prereq.: ET 399 or permission of department chair. Applications of processes related to reducing costs; improving quality and service while increasing customer satisfaction. Concepts of value analysis, cost/benefit, cost modeling and life cycle costing in materials and systems engineering applications. On demand.

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