Educational Technology

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EDT 210 Introduction to Educational Technology 1
Prepares potential educators to integrate technology into lesson planning through the design and development of an interactive, multimedia presentation. Multiple forms of technology are utilized to develop the lesson along with other supporting instructional and assessment materials.


EDT 315 Educational Technology in the Secondary School Classroom 1
Prepares educators to integrate technology into secondary lesson planning through the design and development of an interactive, instructional program that utilizes multimedia and Web 2.0 technologies.



EDT 415 Developing Instructional Materials 1
Prereq.: EDT 210. Design, utilization skills and production techniques are further developed as students design, implement and evaluate an instructional multimedia program within a Web 2.0 framework (web development, video, podcast).

EDT 490 Instructional Computing 3
Examination and application of computers and other related technologies to various teaching situations with emphasis on developing skills in developing and evaluating instructional software programs. [GR]


EDT 500 Instructional Design and Evaluation I 3
Prereq.: Permission of instructor. Application of instructional design principles that includes design of needs analysis, learner analysis, task analysis, goals and objectives, instructional and media strategies, and evaluation in solving instructional issues. Fall.

EDT 501 Message Design and Production 3
Prereq.: Permission of instructor. Application of message design theories and principles involving perception, memory, attitude and persuasion. Course includes hands-on learning experience in the design and production of instructional materials. Fall.

EDT 510 Design Tools 3
Prereq.: Admission to the EDT program or permission of instructor. Exploration of various software and hardware programs and how these multimedia tools can impact the design of instructional materials. Development of various audio and video compression skills. Summer.

EDT 512 Computer-Based Instruction 3
Prereq.: EDT 500, 501 or permission of instructor. Application of computer-based strategies for instruction, including interactivity, adaptivity, feedback, branching, and evaluation, with emphasis on screen design, developing flowcharts and storyboarding. Spring.

EDT 514 Integrating Technology in the Classroom Curriculum 3
Prereq.: Admission to the EDT program or permission of instructor. Issues and strategies related to integrating technology in the curriculum. Instruction will be delivered both online (Blackboard Vista) and on campus. Theoretical basis and a practical skills orientation for leading technology integration effort. Summer, winter.

EDT 521 Interactive Multimedia for Instruction I 3
Prereq.: EDT 512. Application of multimedia principles emphasizing screen design, branching, instructional, and media strategies, using flowcharts, storyboards, and evaluation techniques. Spring.

EDT 522 Instructional Design and Evaluation II 3
Prereq.: EDT 500. Examination and application of cognitive theories and new instructional design concepts, such as needs assessment and media strategies. Fall.

EDT 531 Interactive Multimedia for Instruction II 3
Prereq.: EDT 521. Production of multimedia through hands-on experiences that include CD-ROM mastering, digital audio and video, animation, graphics, programming, and subsequent evaluation procedures for Educational Technology. Summer.

EDT 532 Distance Learning and Networking I 3
Prereq.: Matriculation or permission of instructor. Analysis of distance learning and networking, including hands-on experiences to design, produce, evaluate, and manage students' own distance learning and networking programs. Spring.

EDT 533 Distance Learning & Networking II 3
Prereq.: EDT 532. This course is the second in the distance education sequence and continues the work started in EDT 532. Attention will be paid to developing advanced distance learning solutions involving Internet, off-line materials and interactive instructional movies. Students will create distance education instruction for clients. Summer.

EDT 540 Educational Technology: Instructional Design, Assessment, and Data 3
Use of technology in the systematic design of instruction to enhance, repurpose, and improve teaching, learning, and assessment.

EDT 597 Final Project 3
Prereq.: Permission of EDT advisor; completion of 24 credits in planned program; and an overall GPA of 3.00. Culminating experience. Students develop an instructional project that demonstrates acquired skills in design, production, and evaluation in Educational Technology. Summer.

EDT 598 Inquiry in Educational Technology 3
Prereq.: Admission to the EDT program or permission of instructor. Graduate level research course with a focus on educational technology literature, providing familiarity with the process of reporting and evaluating research in the field. Research concepts and procedures will be stressed. Summer, winter.


EDT 700 Topics in Leadership for Technology in Schools 1 TO 3
Prereq.: Admission to the Ed.D. program. Technology applications to enhance professional practice, increase organizational learning, and enhance productivity. Participants document their progress in meeting TSSA standards, and develop and carry out individualized learning plans. Variable credit to a total of 3 credits applied to the doctoral program. Summer.

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