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ED 498 Individual Study Project 1 TO 6
Prereq.: Permission of Department Chair. Individual research open only to advanced students and experienced teachers. Systematic study of problems of special interest. Students in either elementary or secondary fields are guided in selection, analysis, gathering of data, and drawing conclusions. Not for credit in graduate degree programs.


ED 501 Probe in Education 1 TO 3
Prereq.: Permission of faculty advisor. In-service experience designed to meet the specific needs of school personnel.

ED 511 Principles of Curriculum Development 3
Examination of selected programs including stated objectives, organizational patterns, curriculum materials, and instructional strategies. This examination will utilize various models of decision making.

ED 515 Professional Ethics and Law for Teachers 3
Prereq.: EDT 540, EDL 555, ED 598. Ethical and legal basis of local, state, and national policies dealing with classroom practices and student rights, with emphasis on professional responsibility for meeting the diverse needs of students.

ED 517 Evaluation 3
Introduction to the fundamental principles of measurement and evaluation. Emphasis will be placed on the construction of classroom achievement tests, analyzing test results, and on interpreting standardized test scores.

ED 520 Instructional Programs for Diverse Learners 3
Prereq.: EDT 540, EDL 555, ED 598. Application of knowledge about enthnicities, cultures, languages, individual student differences, and motivation to instructional improvement, intervention, and remediation. Implimentation of SRBI, IDEA, and equitable opportunities to learn.

ED 523 Collaboration, Coaching, and Instructional Leadership 3
Prereq.: EDT 540, EDL 555, ED 598, or permission of the Department Chair. Knowledge about adult learning, collaboration, and effective group processes to facilitate professional development and shared accountability for student learning. Supporting colleague growth as coach, critical friend, or team leader.

ED 524 leadership and the Dynamics of Organizational Change 3
Prereq.: EDT 540, EDL 555, ED 598, or permission of the Department Chair. Theories of organizational change. Assessing school culture, developing goals for school improvement, and overcoming barriers to school change. Developing human, fiscal, technological, and community resources to support the change process.

ED 540 Educational Motivation and the Learning Process 3
Multidisciplinary approach to understanding of underachievement and resistance to learning. Emphasis on innovative ways of effecting learning by means of sociological, psychological, and educational advances in practice and theory.

ED 545 Integration of Methods of Research and Assessment 6
Prereq.: Admission to the full-year post-baccalaureate certification program and a 3.00 overall GPA. Examination of traditional and alternative assessment strategies to promote learning. Techniques for analyzing and evaluating qualitative and quantitative research studies and developing skills to design, implement and assess action research projects specific to the internship and school site.

ED 591 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment I 3
Prereq.: ED 598, EDT 540, EDL 555, ED 515, ED 520, EDL 523. Principles of standards-based elementary and secondary curriculum development, implementation, and curricular evaluation. Development of formative and summative evaluations to monitor student progress. Serves as capstone Plan E. Fall.

ED 592 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment II  3
Prereq.: ED 591. Continuation of ED. Spring.

ED 598 Research and Data for School Improvement 3
Research based approach with emphasis on design and execution of school-based collaborative inquiry. Analyzing data from formative and summative assessments to improve decisions about instruction, practice, and student learning.

ED 599 Thesis 3
Prereq.: PSY 512 (or equivalent) or permission of instructor; completion of 18-24 credits; and a 3.00 overall GPA. Preparation of the thesis under the supervision of the thesis advisor.

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