Office of the University Ombudsperson
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Our Mission

Reestablished in the summer of 2005 by President John Miller, the Office of the University Ombudsperson at Central Connecticut State University represents a presence, a commitment to pragmatic forms of justice -neither legal nor formal- for every member of the CCSU family whose concerns and/or dissatisfactions seem legitimate. The office provides an extensive service that facilitates fair and equitable resolutions to concerns that arise within the university. The office remains a strategic part of CCSU's commitment to pursuing educational excellence with productivity, due process, and fairness. The practices of the Office of the Ombudsperson reflect the values and principles expressed in the university's mission and vision statements. Our particular contribution centers on the CCSU pledge:

"Our high expectations for ourselves contribute to the fine quality and continuous improvement of our undergraduate and graduate programs... our objective is to provide the support needed for our students to reach their full potential [...] We foster a welcoming environment in which all members of our diverse community receive encouragement, feel safe, and acquire self-confidence... to be highly regarded by its many constituents ...and widely respected as a university dedicated to innovative, activity-based, life-long, and learner-centered higher education ".

The Office's mission, which guides all our endeavors, derives from CCSU's mission and vision statements:

The Ombudsperson Office advocates for fairness, equity, justice, and humane treatment at CCSU. From these principles, the Ombudsperson Office offers a confidential, impartial, objective, neutral, informal alternative for resolution of work-related concerns for staff, students, employees, and managers of staff.

Acting as a neutral third party, the Ombudsperson investigates complaints, mediates solutions, expedites processes or advocates for specific actions and, based on experience in dealing with individual cases, and recommends procedural changes within the University. The Ombudsman's mission is best supported by reporting to the President of the University.