AAC - By-laws

Academic Assessment Committee

Academic Assessment Committee By-Laws

The Academic Assessment Committee is a standing Committee of the Faculty elected by the Faculty and serves as the primary advisory body about practices for the evaluation of student learning outcomes in CCSU’s undergraduate and graduate programs. The Committee also coordinates, but does not implement, the overall program for the assessment of general education learning outcomes. The Committee is responsible for providing feedback and support to Departments by reviewing reports about their assessment of student learning outcomes, and for identifying and disseminating promising assessment practices.

Primary Functions

The primary functions of the Academic Assessment Committee are to:

  • Provide feedback and support about assessment to Departments on a multi-year cycle through a review of reports about the assessment of student learning in their programs and in general education courses offered by the Department. The Committee addresses assessment models, plans, and use of findings but will not evaluate the level of student performance or learning.
  • Identify outstanding or promising assessment practices and make recommendations for awards or grant funding, when available.
  • Coordinate the assessment of general education learning outcomes by establishing procedures and practices by which Department-based assessment findings may be connected and aggregated.
  • Communicate with the General Education Subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee about student learning in general education and make appropriate suggestions based on findings from assessment.
  • Communicate with faculty and the University community to highlight promising assessment models and promote faculty ownership of the assessment process.
  • Advise the Office of Academic Affairs about institution-wide initiatives to assess student learning outcomes.
  • Consult in the selection of a faculty representative to the CSU System Assessment Committee.


Committee membership will consist of:

  • Twelve (12) voting faculty members to be elected by the faculty, with at least one (1) from each School. Elected members serve staggered three-year terms and may serve no more than two consecutive full terms.
  • The Deans of each School may choose to appoint one (1) additional voting faculty member to the Committee. Appointed faculty members serve one-year terms, for up to six consecutive years.
  • The Director of Institutional Research and Assessment is a non-voting (ex-officio) member of the Committee.

Provision for initial election of members

To promote continuity from the previous ad hoc Committee on Assessment, the first group of four elected members will be elected to serve terms beginning in 2008-09, the second group of four elected members will be elected to serve terms beginning in 2009-10, and the third group of four elected members will be elected to serve terms beginning in 2010-11.


Approved by the ad hoc Assessment Committee 2/28/2008
Approved by the Committee on Committees 3/31/2008
Approved by the Faculty Senate on 4/14/2008