New First Year Students

New Students


First Year Students – What’s Next?

  • Activate your BlueNet account & university email.   Your BlueNet account gives you access to computers around campus, and online systems through CentralPipeline (WebCentral and Blackboard Learn).  The email account you set up with the university will be your main form of communication with faculty and staff around Central’s campus.

  • Once you have paid your confirmation deposit you will receive the First-Year Student Guide.  This guide includes a wealth of information regarding important next steps in your enrollment and attendance at CCSU.  Please read this carefully!  

  • In your CCSU email you will receive a link for the Pre-Registration survey, which needs to be completed online. The survey responses are used by an academic advisor to make your Fall 2017 course schedule. It is important that you complete this yourself, expressing your interests and preferences. 

  • Attend CCSU Freshman Orientation!  There are 9 full-day sessions where you will meet with an Academic Advisor, receive your class schedule, learn about your curriculum requirements, and understand how to make schedule adjustments.  Orientation will give you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with CCSU’s campus!