Music - Graduate Portfolio Requirements

M.S. In Music Education Portfolio Requirements

All applicants to the Master of Science in Music Education Program should bring a portfolio to the interview. For below for a description of what should be included in the portfolio. If you have any questions about the portfolio, call Dr. Lauren Reynolds at (860) 832-1732 or send an email message to

The content and rationale for entries in the portfolio are as follows:

  • Vitae or Resume to inform the committee of the candidates educational background and work experience.

  • Two or three written recommendations from individuals able to testify to the student’s suitability as a master’s candidate in music education.

  • Evidence of Teaching Experience and Musicianship: Examples of programs, student work and/or performances to demonstrate the applicant’s competency as a teacher particularly as they relate to the implementation of the National Standards for Music and/or the candidate’s local curriculum, (i.e., CD’s of your performance, your students’ performances/concerts, compositions, etc.).

  • Unofficial Transcript to document undergraduate coursework.

  • OPTIONAL: Examples of competency in technology to demonstrate the applicant’s competency in using notation software, and other examples of how the applicant uses technology as a teaching tool or as a management tool may be included in the portfolio.