Music Ensembles - Orchestra


Administrative Information:

In regular non-covid years, regular class meetings are Mondays/Wednesdays 1:40-2:55 in Welte Hall rm. 019.
Concerts and occasional evening dress rehearsals will be announced at the beginning of each semester.

Course Description/Prerequisite, Academic Credit and Music Major Information

Open to all students who play orchestral stringed instruments with other instruments as needed. Sinfonietta is the required ensemble for music majors who play orchestral stringed instruments. Community and non-majors are welcome at the discretion of the conductor.  One credit under MUS 143 and may be repeated each semester with different content.

Required Text/Supplies

No text required. Music will be supplied. Please contact the instructor if you do not own your own instrument.

Philosophy of Instruction

Standard chamber orchestra literature will be studied and performed. Stylistic nuances of music over many time-periods will be explored through rehearsal and performances.

For More Information, Contact

Professor Daniel D'Addio
Welte Hall 206.02