Choirs - Chorale


Chorale is CCSU's open-enrollment vocal ensemble. It is comprised of singers from across the campus community: membership is open to all university students without audition, regardless of major. Chorale was founded in 1920 as the New Britain Normal School Glee Club. As the school's name changed, the ensemble's name changed as well. It finally became the Central Connecticut State University Chorale in 1983. Through its almost century of existence, the CCSU Chorale has enjoyed a strong tradition as an inclusive choral ensemble. This choir has 40+ members per semester. Chorale performs a wide variety of choral music. We rehearse Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30-5:45.

Do I have to be a music major to sing in Chorale?

Everybody is welcome to sing in Chorale, regardless of major (and even if you're undecided!). Actually, that's true for all of our ensembles. Other music ensembles you may be interested in: University SingersWind EnsembleJazz EnsemblesMarching Band and Orchestra.

Is there an audition for Chorale?

No. Just register as you would for any other course.

When does Chorale rehearse?

Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30-5:45 all semester. We meet in Welte Hall, room 021.

What about performances?

We perform 2-3 times each semester. Performances are given both on campus and off campus.

Is there some kind of membership fee to belong to Chorale?

No. There is not even a textbook to buy! Each student is responsible for procuring appropriate performance attire, which may mean a one-time cost for new singers.

What kind of music does Chorale sing?

Chorale sings a wide variety of musical styles, with a focus on the classics. Click to see the music performed each year: 

        2013-2014          2014-2015           2015-2016             2016-2017           2017-2018

Can I join anytime, or only in the Fall?

You can join an ensemble at the beginning of either semester. If your schedule doesn't allow you to join in Fall, you can still sing in Spring. When registering for classes, remember to keep the Chorale time slot open.

What if I didn't join Chorale as a freshman?

No problem. You can still join Chorale.

What about credits?

In some ways, Chorale is just like any other course on campus: Registration is required, you will receive a syllabus, you will earn a credit, you will be awarded a grade and your grade will count toward your GPA. It counts as an elective.

How late into the term can I register for Chorale?

The add/drop schedule is the same for Chorale as it is for every course across campus. Check with the Registrar's Office to find out the last day to add Chorale for this term.

How do I join?

Register as you would for any other course. The course number is "MUS 141". The section is "70".

I'm having trouble registering for Chorale. What could the problem be?

It could be a few things: (1) Make sure you're registering for the correct course, MUS 141 section 70. (2) Double check the CRN, and make sure you're using the current one. (3) You may already be registered for a class during the same time block. Try shuffling your schedule to make room for Chorale. (4) There may be a 'hold' on your account. Contact the Registrar at 860-832-2236. (5) If you are still having trouble, contact for help.

I can't be in Chorale this term. Is there another choir I can join?

There is another choir called University Singers. It is our elite, auditioned ensemble for experienced singers. Auditions are in the fall. It is a year-long commitment. If you are interested in joining "USingers", check the University Singer's webpage at the end of July for audition information.

What else do I need to know?

Chorale is fun! Yes, being in a group this good is always demanding. But you will meet new friends, improve your voice, improve your musical skills, and enjoy a mental break from the rigors of your other academic pursuits. And, of course, Chorale sings amazing music and sounds great doing it. Singing in Chorale is just one of those essential CCSU experiences that you will remember fondly for the rest of your life.

Who is the director?

Our new conductor is Gaylon Robinson. Contact him at