Modern Languages


"I wholeheartedly recommend this program. It was so much fun, very informative and will definitely benefit me in my career. My Spanish 3 honors students are currently reading El Cid. I can’t wait to show them pictures of me visiting his grave in the Cathedral of Burgos. One thing I will recommend is doing the 2 summer Master’s program.

The courses were very interesting, intense, and beneficial to my learning objectives and my career as a teacher. I had a great experience with all of my professors, enjoyed the university’s living arrangements, and LOVED Salamanca!!!

I lived in the University Housing along with two other CCSU Master’s students (and met a CCSU undergraduate student) we explored the city, tried new foods, and took advantage of the excursions on the weekends. I was also able to do my own excursion with students that I had met through the program and visit Madrid and Barcelona. ¡Qué belleza!

Through the Cursos Internacionales, I went on a kayaking day trip to Alba de Tormes, which was a lot of fun. I LOVED the Flamenco dance night when we got to watch performers dance the traditional dance. We also toured Salamanca’s cathedral at night which was very cool. With the University ID, we were able to buy reduced train tickets when doing our own excursions. I used it to buy a reduced plane ticket from Barcelona to Valladolid, then the train ticket to get from Valladolid to Salamanca.”

- Katerina I. Reyes


"The quality of the courses was excellent. There was a lot of material to be covered and teachers did a great job. Personally, I learned a lot.

Salamanca excelled in offering students extra curricular activities. There was theater, music shows, horseback riding, excursions, among many others. Our literature teacher also took us in a “Paseo literario” around the town where we talked about several writers that lived in Salamanca. All activities were culturally enriching.

I stayed at the “Ana Mogas” residence. The service was outstanding, we received a variety of meals (except for breakfast) and the personnel were attentive to any needs we had. We had individual rooms with private bathrooms and good ventilation.

I think everyone can benefit from this program. It was, like mentioned above, culturally enriching and rewarding. The schedule of the classes is intense but I learned tremendously"

- Alexandra Muñoz