Modern Languages


"I wholeheartedly recommend this program. It was so much fun, very informative and will definitely benefit me in my career. My Spanish 3 honors students are currently reading El Cid. I can’t wait to show them pictures of me visiting his grave in the Cathedral of Burgos. One thing I will recommend is doing the 2 summer Master’s program.

The courses were very interesting, intense, and beneficial to my learning objectives and my career as a teacher. I had a great experience with all of my professors, enjoyed the university’s living arrangements, and LOVED Salamanca!!!

I lived in the University Housing along with two other CCSU Master’s students (and met a CCSU undergraduate student) we explored the city, tried new foods, and took advantage of the excursions on the weekends. I was also able to do my own excursion with students that I had met through the program and visit Madrid and Barcelona. ¡Qué belleza!

Through the Cursos Internacionales, I went on a kayaking day trip to Alba de Tormes, which was a lot of fun. I LOVED the Flamenco dance night when we got to watch performers dance the traditional dance. We also toured Salamanca’s cathedral at night which was very cool. With the University ID, we were able to buy reduced train tickets when doing our own excursions. I used it to buy a reduced plane ticket from Barcelona to Valladolid, then the train ticket to get from Valladolid to Salamanca.”

- Katerina I. Reyes


"The quality of the courses was excellent. There was a lot of material to be covered and teachers did a great job. Personally, I learned a lot.

Salamanca excelled in offering students extra curricular activities. There was theater, music shows, horseback riding, excursions, among many others. Our literature teacher also took us in a “Paseo literario” around the town where we talked about several writers that lived in Salamanca. All activities were culturally enriching.

I stayed at the “Ana Mogas” residence. The service was outstanding, we received a variety of meals (except for breakfast) and the personnel were attentive to any needs we had. We had individual rooms with private bathrooms and good ventilation.

I think everyone can benefit from this program. It was, like mentioned above, culturally enriching and rewarding. The schedule of the classes is intense but I learned tremendously"

- Alexandra Muñoz


"The quality of the courses we took in Salamanca was excellent. I think it was a great balance of grammar, literature and culture. I feel like I learned a great deal of information and I also feel more confident when speaking in Spanish."

"The teachers in Salamanca were all very professional and knowledgeable. They were extremely patient with our questions and concerns. I would imagine this was difficult for them because there were 32 students in our class."

-Laura Iapichino-Dorr (IUMA 2019)


“La calidad de los cursos es excelente. Es muy intenso y mucho material para cubrir en poco tiempo. El contenido muy relevante.”

“El nivel de conocimiento y la pasión de los profesores es impresionante. Para este curso se debe tener un buen nivel de español porque el contenido es uno avanzado y en ocasiones retante. Cada profesor buscó la manera de llegar a la mayoría de los estudiantes y hacer de la experiencia educativa una muy positiva.”

“La Universidad de Salamanca ofrece varias excursiones cultural-educativas a lo largo del programa y son fenomenales. Las mismas incluyen un guía turístico muy conocedor de la historia de España. Yo recomiendo tomar las excursiones que ofrece la universidad si vas por primera vez a España porque vas a los lugares mas importantes y relevantes.”

“La Universidad tiene un itinerario amplio de visitas guiadas a los lugares más importantes de Salamanca (las iglesias, los conventos y la universidad entre otros). Todas son en las tardes, gratuitas y muy buenas.”

“¡La experiencia fue maravillosa! Salamanca es un lugar hermoso y la experiencia educativa fue estupenda. Yo tuve la oportunidad de conocer lugares que me hicieron reconectarme con mis raíces y experimentar un encuentro muy emotivo con las grandezas de la arquitectura y la historia. Salamanca es lugar muy seguro donde uno se puede sentir como en casa.”

-Ivette M. Guerra  (IUMA 2019)


“The classes were of high quality. The professors were excellent. Just being surrounded by Spanish all the time was so good for my Spanish. I improved a lot.”

“The room and the services were very good. The food was good. The only problem was the distance from the city center. I spent extra money to stay in a hotel in the city center on a couple of weekends. The dorm was out in the boondocks.”

“Salamanca is a beautiful city. The guided tours of the sites in the city were interesting; we went on all of them. I also traveled to Escorial and Avila.”

“I was very happy in Salamanca. I would love to spend next summer there, too.”

-Kathrine M. Guyett  ((IUMA 2019)


“The courses taken during the Summer Salamanca program were enriching and engaging. I particularly enjoyed the culture classes (art & history, film, and general Spanish culture). The syntax/grammar class was very intensive but the intense crash course I have always wanted. It was very interesting to learn Spanish grammar from a Spain native – having only learned Spanish in the past from Latin American natives or Americans who learned Spanish as a second language.”

“It was very apparent of each of the professor’s passion for their subject matter. Every professor, with the exception of Isabel’s Spanish culture class, was pure lecture. Isabel’s class was particularly impressive because the whole class was an ongoing cultural conversation where we made comparisons between various Spanish speaking cultures and American culture(s)”.

“The excursions offered through the university of Salamanca varied on quality depending on the place and the guide. I had the pleasure of travelling to Toledo and Portugal (Lisboa mainly) with the university and had a wonderful experience. My guides were fantastic, personable, and engaging. I learned a ton from both of them. Pilar was great with proving us with other need to know information on city transport within Salamanca and to and from other parts of Spain/Portugal. With her information, I was able to visit Valladolid with a group of peers in the program on our own. It was another fantastic trip.”

“I stayed in a single dorm room with a private bath at el Colegio de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe. The residence was very nice, residence staff was very helpful and the cafeteria staff and chefs were fantastic. We even took a picture together at the end of the 5 week stay. The chefs were in fact so fabulous that when I got sick they were very attentive and accommodating for any special dietary needs I had. They were also fantastic with my vegan and vegetarian counterparts. Considering we were in Salamanca, aka the land of very few veggies, they always provided as many fresh fruits and veggies as possible.”

 “The 5 week program was intensive, enlightening and exactly what I needed. It was a great combo of grammar, culture and history.”

-Bridget Carroll (IUMA 2019)