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Study Abroad

The Modern Language Department offers many study abroad opportunities throughout the year. Studying in another country - whether you are there for a few weeks, a semester, or a full year- is so much more than just being a tourist. Overseas study is an opportunity for you to gain valuable, first-hand experience that will both improve your chances of landing a job and greatly expand your career options. 

As a major in the School of Arts and Sciences, you will have the opportunity to learn, for example, about the history, economy, ecology, music, politics, indigenous cultures, human rights, and legal systems of different countries. You will have the opportunity to share ideas with scientists, activists, and artists from around the world. Partner universities located in Chile, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, and Spain afford the possibility of perfecting language skills while experiencing the native culture. Meeting local students as well as students from other countries will give you a new and broader global perspective. 

Finding the right overseas programs for your major: 

  1. Research options for Modern Language Department study abroad programs:
  2. Decide what kind of study abroad program you wish to participate in: full-year, one semester, or short-term course abroad.
  3. Meet with your academic advisor to plan for the program. Pre-approval by your advisor and department chair is required to obtain credit in your major.
  4. Meet with the International Education Coordinator to discuss the programs.
  5. Submit the application! Applications to partner university are due April 1st for fall semester or full-year, and September 15 for the spring semester. Short-term courses abroad deadlines vary.
  6. Do some homework: Research the destination country, including its history, culture, laws, social/moral codes, customs, and language. 

How Modern Language is taught abroad: 

Language programs taught at one of our partner universities are a combination of language, literature, and culture courses. You are tested for language ability when you arrive at the university and are placed in the appropriate classes depending on your proficiency.  Contact hours are closely monitored and noted on you final transcript. If you are an advanced language student, you can pick courses ranging from local political issues to art.   

When to go abroad:

The Modern Language Curriculum allows you to study abroad at any time during your academic career. CCSU offers two types of international experiences. Short programs are led by a CSU professor to various international locations, in an assortment of subjects. These courses take place during winter and summer sessions, as well as spring break. The Study Abroad program also offers students the possibility to study at a partner university for a semester or a full year.  


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