Modern Languages General Education Requirements

Modern Languages


University Language Requirement

The language requirement is a component (Skill Area III) of the University's General Education program. We offer courses in Arabic, ASL, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Polish, and Spanish. The University language requirement can be satisfied in any one of the following ways:

  • Completion of a level-three high school foreign language.

  • Elementary proficiency as demonstrated by successfully completing a second-semester level CCSU foreign-language course (112 or 118). Students with no previous background in a language must take the first and second semesters (111 and 112, or 118); students who place out of 111 due to previous background in the language may satisfy the requirement by taking 112 only.

  • Passing the CLEP, a standardized examination which demonstrates knowledge of a foreign language equivalent to completion of a second-semester course or higher.

  • Successful completion of a foreign-language course at a level higher than the second-semester level.

  • Demonstration of native proficiency in a language other than English requires evaluation of skill level by an appropriate faculty member and/or official documentation, and approval by the Chair of the Department of Modern Languages). Please see waiver policy.

The Spanish, French, German and Italian Language Placement Exams are administered by the Learning Center. For information on dates, and to register for the exam, visit their page.

The Modern Language Department does not administer placement exams in other languages. If you want to demonstrate proficiency in a language other than Spanish, French, Italian or German, please see the Chair of Modern Languages.

Learning Outcomes for language courses fulfilling Skill Area III of the General Education program:

  • Speak and write at the Novice-High proficiency level in the target language.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Products, Practices and Perspectives in the target culture, as defined by National Standards.