SITI Program

Modern Languages


Program Curriculum

This year’s Summer Institute for Teachers of Italian (SITI) is held from July 2nd to August 5th, 2018. It offers one three-credit course that covers language, culture and pedagogy units, as well as instruction on technologies that teachers can use to enhance instruction in their school classroom.

The graduate course associated with SITI is ML 550 2OL (CRN 50318) Intensive Studies in Modern Languages: Italian Language and Culture.

Content: Four units on language and cultural themes, plus technology component. The four units are based on the following themes:

1. Storytelling.

Forms, functions and techniques of Storytelling for the Italian classroom, from simple sketch to complete narrative.

2. Understanding of Culture.

What does the term “culture” mean? Concepts, definitions, and components of cultural competence.

3. The Italian Contemporary Society.

Current events and social changes in Italy. Representation of social, family and gender issues in the Italian media.

4. Art Topics.

An historical perspective on the self-portrait in Italian art. Comparison with the selfie. Art topics for the Italian classroom.

Every unit includes video lessons on cultural topics, a variety of instructional materials, and samples of class activities. Participants enhance their knowledge on the subject treated, and engage in reflection on pedagogical questions. They will have to design and create instructional projects using what they learn in the content units.

As always, SITI continues to have a practical approach, and participants are expected to produce teaching materials that they can use in their own classrooms and share with the other SITI participants.

This is a graduate level course taught by Prof. Carmela Pesca. Prof Gustavo Mejía will be in charge of the Technology component of the course.

The 3 credits of the Summer Institute for Teachers of Italian can be applied as partial fulfillment of degree requirements towards an M.A. in Italian.

For information about graduate programs, please visit the Graduate School webpage.

For additional information about the SITI, please contact Prof. Carmela Pesca.