Using Industry Mentors to Enhance Learning

MIS 410 - Business Driven Infrastructure Design - is a core course in the Management Information Systems department's curriculum within the CCSU School of Business. This course introduces networking concepts and integrates technical and business needs analysis with network component selection and Internet technologies.

Students design business processes and price the necessary components within a large enterprise network using a business case approach with Network Analysis and Design methods. The course is delivered with the assistance of several industry mentors, who guide students through the process of responding to a fictitious request for proposal for Ticket Sales, Inc. Each mentor works with a student group before each simulated bidder's conference to assist the group in developing questions. The mentor negotiates the final project proposal with the group before submission to the professor and provides the group with guidance on completing the deliverables and reviewing the project deliverables (MIS 410 assignments) before submission to the professor for grading. By having an industry professional as a mentor, students learn how to create a response to a request for proposal from a pro that does this every day. A great way to learn!


Enhancing the Teaching of Business Intelligence and the Cloud through Community Engagement and Industry Support

In the Spring 2015 Management Information Systems students and their professor had the opportunity to use live data provided by EureekaBI ( in the Business Intelligence and the Cloud course (Emerging Technologies for Business, MIS 460).

EureekaBI (U-reeka Business Intelligence) is a business intelligence and analytics company helping supply chain professionals understand the market and make better decisions. Being able to teach business intelligence concepts with live data is a win-win for students and faculty. The students benefited because they learned about the complexities of "real" data, and the professor benefited because he was teaching in an active learning environment.

During this class, students learned to blend the live data provided by EureekaBI with other data including Total Housing Starts, Consumer Price Index, and Diesel Fuel Prices. All of this was enabled by the live data provided by EureekaBI and a generous grant from Amazon Web Services. This grant allowed students to use live data and to blend it with local data sets giving them access to this data from any Internet enabled location.

The students also used business intelligence software provided by Tableau Software ( for data visualization. All of these components created a course where students learned cutting edge skills and EureekaBI benefited from the students' critical thinking.