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In July 2007, a law was passed in Connecticut to provide school certification for Licensed MFTs. Connecticut is the first state in the nation to certify MFTs to be hired directly to work in the public schools. Regulations by the Connecticut Department of Higher Education (DHE) specify requirements for this certification. The regulations require at minimum that MFTs be licensed by the Department of Public Health (or be license-eligible), fulfill course requirements specific to the certification of MFTs in the schools, and complete a 300-hour practicum in a public school under the joint supervision of the school’s Special Services and the MFT program.  The CCSU MFT program has developed a specialty track for those students who wish to seek certification for employment as a School MFT, which includes a specialized practicum that covers the required course content specified in the Department of Higher Education regulations. 

As more schools are becoming exposed to having MFTs in their schools, there has been a growing interest in hiring school-based MFTs.  Several community-based mental health centers are offering opportunities for students to do clinical work in the schools, and an increasing number of school districts are taking on MFT practicum students directly. 

The links (below) provide further information for students regarding requirements and procedures.

Curriculum Description

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