Marriage & Family Therapy - Field Based Training

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Marriage & Family Therapy


Field Based Training 

The MFT program at CCSU provides 2 years of supervised clinical training and field experience in a sequence that builds from the academic training in the first year.


The Practicum is a two-semester, 12 hour-per-week supervised clinical placement during the Second Year. Students learn basic clinical skills and begin working with clients. Students process their experiences in a small group format with a faculty supervisor.


The Internship is a 12-month, 25-hour-per-week intensive clinical placement following the practicum experience which allows students to conduct marital and family therapy under supervision of an AAMFT Approved Supervisor. Interns conduct 500 hours of therapy with individuals, couples, and families; 250 hours must be with couples and families. Interns receive a minimum of 100 hours of individual and group supervision with a minimum of 50 hours of supervision using actual clinical material (i.e., audio and videotapes) for intensive review.