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Central Arts

Central Arts

Central Arts, a half-hour weekly, features the breadth of fine arts activity at the University.  Art exhibitions, jazz, choral, chamber and orchestral music ensembles, poetry readings, technical and performance theater as well as student video projects make up the 26 shows annual production.  We also produce Community Specials with a Focus on the Arts as a public service.

Central Authors

Central Authors

Central Authors is an annual series of 12 half-hour programs produced for Connecticut's cable television stations.  The format allows our faculty and staff the familiar comfort of the classroom lecture,  but in the Campus Bookstore.  It also provides them the luxury to wax over their work for the full 30 minutes without interruption.  Essentially the full span of scholarship defines the topical domain with presenters ranging from seasoned veteran authors to 'first-book' pens. 

Frames Per Second logo

Frames Per Second

Frames Per Second is produced by the CCSU Media Technology Department.  The goal of the program is to highlight and feature local filmmakers.  A particular emphasis is placed on student filmmaking.  The filmmaker is interviewed in-studio and some of their work is interspersed throughout the program.  The sophomore effort of Frames Per Second will debut in the Fall of 2010 on CCSU TV 23.

the hour

THE HOUR with Jim Pellegrino

THE HOUR with Jim Pellegrino is produced by the CCSU Media Technology Department. THE HOUR is a one hour talk format program, shot in-studio, live to tape each month. The show features a variety of guests from the worlds of business, education, politics, medicine, human interest and entrepreneurial success stories. The goal of the program is to provide a lively, informative and entertaining time for the viewers and the guests. Hosted by Jim Pellgrino, the format of the program allows for an extended discussion with the guests on various topics of interest in our world today. Far from the usual "sound bite" clips seen each night on the local news, THE HOUR offers the viewer an extended look into the subject matter being presented during each episode of the show. The show is currently in its 6th season.

Hogan Logo

Preview Theater

Giving your students the full theater experience by showing the newest trailers and behind the scenes footage of the films they want to see . . . Preview Theater® is the 10-12 minute program featuring first run trailers that is showing on over 400 college campuses across the United States.


NASA 360

Nasa 360

NASA 360 is an award-winning broadcast television show and online video series that looks at all things NASA. From studying our changing climate to exploring deep space to human exploration of Mars, NASA 360 takes you on an inside tour of your space agency.