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Masters of Science in Supply Chain & Logistics Management

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Program Description

The M.S. in Supply Chain & Logistics Management (SCLM) program prepares students and working professionals careers requiring technical, analytical, and leadership competencies necessary to improve supply chain and logistics processes. The SCLM program combines advanced study in disciplines that expand knowledge in supply chain strategy, warehousing, transporting, logistics, quality, operations, process improvement and leadership.

Learning Outcomes

  1.   Apply knowledge of technology and management principles to improve supply chain coordination.
  2.   Identify, analyze, and create supply chain workflow to achieve business objectives.
  3.   Create a work environment that continuously improves supply chain and logistics operations.
  4.   Lead supply chain teams and manage the relationship with suppliers to deliver values to the customers.
  5.   Acquire knowledge and skills to meet the evolving challenges of global supply chains and logistics.

Program Sheet and Program Flowchart

Masters of Science in Supply Chain & Logistics Management

MS- SCLM Plan of Study


Dr. Mohammad Rahman