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Masters of Science in Construction Management

Program Description:

The Construction Management master's degree program provides students with the educational experiences that help create managers capable of developing and running construction and construction related companies. In order to reach this objective, the program focuses on the skills required to understand and control daily business operations. All students will develop an understanding of company financial operations, construction law, risk management and the different methods of project delivery. They will be able to apply this knowledge in the business environment. Additional topics will be personalized to meet each student's individual needs, whether in technical or managerial areas. The program stresses student and industry interaction, experiential learning and industry related research.


The Master of Science in Construction Management degree program requires 15 credit hours of core courses, 15-18 credit hours of electives and 0-3 credits of capstone activity, for a total of 33 credit hours. The current capstone options are a comprehensive final exam (0 credits) or a special project (3 credits). The core curriculum consists of courses covering project delivery systems, construction law, risk management, financial management and research methods. Electives are determined between the student and advisor.

Program Sheet and Program Flowchart:

The Masters of Science in Construction Management

Type of Degree:

The Masters of Science in Construction Management 

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Dr. Andy Myungjin Chae
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