Manufacturing & Construction Management

Manufacturing & Construction Management


The Manufacturing and Construction Management Department offers programs designed to prepare students for technology-oriented supervisory, middle management and leadership positions. The programs respond to an increasing industry demand for highly qualified personnel who have a combination of technical and managerial skills. Therefore, this study includes a comprehensive knowledge of industrial processes and applied technologies, in addition to a background in general education. Providing broad range of educational and career enhancement opportunities, the Department prepares graduates for careers in rapidly changing fields of technology. Graduate study plans are individually designed by faculty advisers to prepare responsible professionals in the field. The needs and interests of students with established careers are considered, as well as those individuals who aspire to leadership positions in business and industry.

Students interested in the undergraduate programs may attend Central Connecticut State University full-time or part-time. Part-time study permits a student to keep a full-time day job and enroll in courses in the later afternoon or evening. Full-time students may complete the program in four years.

The Master of Science programs have some core course requirements and the number of electives which can be selected in consultation with an academic advisor.