Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program

The management major includes four specializations:

  • General management major
  • Management major with a specialization in human resource management
  • Management major with a specialization in entrepreneurship
  • Management major with a specialization in international business
General Management

Students study management so they can have interesting and productive lives that change as the world changes. CCSU Management graduates find they are able to:

  • Facilitate an organization to reach its full potential
  • Deal with change and growth and be prepared for the twenty-first century business setting
  • Identify and solve company-wide problems
  • Facilitate change and transition
  • Become an integral part of start-up companies
  • As entrepreneurs, start their own businesses
  • Build cooperation among the different parts of an organization
  • As knowledge workers, help businesses use their human resources productively
  • Understand the global nature of business
  • Comprehend strategy and organizational operations

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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management(HRM)is the function within an organization that facilitates the most effective use of employees and other people who provide services for an organization.

  • HRM works with other functions in the organization to achieve organizational and individual goals.
  • HRM deals with employee issues such as compensation, benefits, recruitment, hiring, promotion, organizational design, performance management, training, organizational development, career planning, safety, wellness, employee motivation, communication, job design, employee relations, and human resource information systems.
  • HRM is responsible for strategic planning related to major decisions of an organization.
  • HRM is responsible for assuring that organizational activities are consistent with laws and regulations related to employment. Examples of relevant laws and regulations are Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws; regulations concerning pay and benefits; and laws/regulations related to safe working conditions, collective bargaining, and the employer-employee relationship.
  • HRM can be performed by designated human resource specialists, line managers, or consultants.
  • HRM grew out of the earlier field of personnel management.

All students who choose the Human Resource specialization may take courses only after meeting with a faculty advisor and adopting a planned program which must be approved by the department chair.

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The Entrepreneurship concentration prepares students for entrepreneurial careers in a new venture creation or managing family-owned or other small business enterprises. The program provides a basic foundation in the knowledge necessary to search for and evaluate new venture opportunities, and to finance, operate and manage new or growing businesses. Students are required to complete a field study experience.

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International Business

The concentration in International Business is offered by the Management and Organization Department.

Upon completion of the program, students in the international business concentration will possess competencies and skills needed for positions in international organizations or for graduate study. The program provides students a broad education in business with a concentration on international issues. Students select a specialization in a functional business area and are given opportunities for study abroad.

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