Gender Neutral Services

CCSU offers many Gender Neutral Services for transgender and genderqueer students

Please note that our offerings are a work in progress. We are actively working to improve our offerings in each category below.
If you'd like to learn more about your rights as transgender student at CCSU and the programs and services that are available to you please visit the CCSU LGBT Center for more information.


Gender Neutral Bathrooms

CCSU has designated several Gender Neutral Bathrooms on campus for Trans and GenderQueer students, staff and faculty. We are working to add more of these on campus where it is possible to do so. The list below is not extensive. If you know of other single stall non-gendered restrooms on campus please email us and we will add them to this list.


It is also important to know that transgender and gender non-conforming students have the right to use bathrooms in keeping with their gender identity. We cannot require students to use male or female designated bathrooms based on their legal sex, or require them to use only the available gender neutral bathrooms based on their transgender status. Use the restrooms that you feel most safe and comfortable using.


Gender Neutral Housing options are also available at CCSU

Please inquire within the Residential Life offices.
Mid Campus, Room 118


Trans Inclusive Student Health Insurance Plan

The CSU system Colleges and Universities now offer a student health insurance plan that is inclusive for care related to gender identity. If you have purchased the student health insurance plan this will cover many of your gender identity related health costs including areas of healthcare like mental health and counseling services, pharmaceuticals and hormone therapy, and coverage for some surgical procedures. Our University Health Services office can discuss these benefits and criteria for coverage further and well help connect you with medical health providers for these services in the area.

If you would like some more preliminary information about this new benefit or the criteria for coverage please visit the LGBT center or make an appointment to discuss your health questions and concerns with the University Health Services office.


Preferred Name Option

Visit the new CCSU Preferred First Name Policy & Procedure.

Using a Preferred 1st Name on Campus: CCSU now offers a preferred 1st name option for student information. This option can help Transgender & gender non-conforming students navigate academic and campus life prior to or without initiating a legal name change process. Once fully activated, a preferred name will replace your legal name as is appears on course rosters, banner advising transcripts, Blackboard, the CollegiateLink, the CCSU email directory and display name, and your CCSU ID card if desired. Activating the preferred name option is easy and private! Submit a webform online on the Registrar’s office webpage.

It will not change the appearance or use of legal names in external information areas where we are still required to use a legal name. This program is a great new service to our Trans, genderqueer, gender non-conforming students and is also useful for international students and those with generational family names.

If you would like to know more about the program and how it can benefit you, please visit the LGBT Center for more information or email us at


All Gender Neutral Services (GNS) information is also posted on the exterior of the LGBT center for reference.