LGBT Alumni

Be a Part of the LGBT Alumni Club!

CCSU has made a strong commitment to empowering and celebrating its LGBT students. We encourage our alumni to get involved and be a part of the changes happening on campus.

The LGBT Alumni Club can help you stay in ouch with old friends and network with fellow LGBT alumni. The club can also help us improve LGBT life on campus by acting as influential role models for our current students and giving back to help support our LGBT student services.

Please think about joining the Alumni Club. You will receive updates on events and programs of LGBT interest on campus. Contact LGBT Center Director William Mann at 860-832-2867, or contact the Center at 860-832-2090.

Gifts in kind, such as books, magazines, art and resource materials may be sent directly to the Center’s mailing address or dropped off in person.

Monetary contributions to LGBT campus life and services: Please visit the CCSU Giving site and click the "other" box and type in "LGBT Life."