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Literacy Essentials Conference Overview

Since 2007 the Department of Literacy, Elementary, and Early Childhood Education (then the Department of Reading and Language Arts) has hosted the Annual Literacy Essentials Conference. Now in its fourteenth year, the conference continues to be relevant, productive, and rewarding for classroom teachers, reading specialists, literacy coaches, interventionists, literacy leaders, administrators, and education professionals in various disciplines. The conference brings nationally and internationally recognized scholars, leaders, advocates, authors, and practitioners in the literacy field. It offers exciting opportunities to expand professional learning networks, exchange insights, and ideas, and get inspired.

This year’s conference theme is STORIES MATTER. We embrace the powerful role stories play, not only in the development of language and literacy, but also in character and citizenship building. It is our hope that through this conference, participants further enjoy and appreciate the universal qualities of stories across cultures: that stories create connections with others; or allow us to experience rich emotions and feelings; or learn about behaviors and consequences; or share what we have in common with others; or engage with others in spite of our differences as we come to understand our own and others’ unique perspective and place in the world. Think about how stories can impact our students’ lives!

The 14th Annual Literacy Conference is a day of connection and togetherness as we celebrate our commitment to and passion in literacy education.

We are proud and excited to welcome all of you!


Due to new guidelines for managing CONVID-19, the Literacy Essentials Conference will be cancelled.

We apologize for any inconvenience