Telephone Billing FAQ

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Telephone Billing FAQs


How often will bills be sent out?

Bills will be sent on the second Tuesday of each month for the previous month's charges as an email attachment from

Who do I contact with questions about my bill?

Contact the IT Help Desk by calling x21720 to have a ticket created.

How are the charges posted to my account?

The Accounting Department will receive a feed and the charges will be posted to your account.

How do I request new telephone service, changes to existing service or to disconnect service?

A service request must be initiated using the IT Service Request portal:

What happens to the assigned phone when someone separates from the University?

Information Technology/Telecom will remove the phone assignment and voice mailbox when notification is received from Human Resources about the separation and the service remains active.  It is the department's responsibility to initiate a service request to either disconnect or reassign the phone service.

What if someone moves to a new department?

The originating department must determine if they wish to retain the phone service or allow the employee to take the phone service with them to the new department.  Phone service requests may or may not be needed, depending on the action.  If an employee is moving to a new building, please contact the IT Help Desk by calling x21720 to have a ticket created for the building change.  This is important for E911 purposes.

Can approvers or end users view their bill online?

Functionality coming soon.

How much are the monthly recurring charges?

Description Monthly Recurring Charge
Adjunct Voicemail 0.75
Analog 2.00
Cisco 8811 2.00
Cisco 8841 2.50
Cisco 8851 2.75
Cisco 8861 3.00
KEM 1.00
Line Charge 5.00