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The University provides individual telephone numbers to all faculty and administrative staff. State-of-the-art telecommunications systems enhance productivity by ensuring that network facilities are available for incoming and outgoing calls and that calls to University staff do not go unanswered through the use of telephone system features and voice mail.

Various types of telephone sets are provided based on the functional requirements of a position. A wide array of telephone features are also available and can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals and departments. To request a service:

  1. Go to  
  2. Login with email address and password.
  3. Search for one of the following services:
    • Add/Remove Telephone Pickup Group
    • Change Existing Telephone Service
    • Disconnect Telephone Service
    • Install Data Drop (New Wiring)
    • New Telephone Service
    • Adjunct Faculty Voicemail

Phone Moves: There is no form needed to move a phone. When the computer is moved, ask that the phone set be moved at the same time. To move a computer and phone, complete the "Computer or IT Equipment Move/Return Request".  If a person moves to a new location within the same department, they will take their current phone set and number with them.  If a phone is being moved to another building, please notify the IT Help Desk by calling 611 or x21720 so that location information for E911 is updated.

Except when stated otherwise by the University or System Office, the policies as outlined by the State of Connecticut regarding the appropriate use of State telephones will apply to the University. This specifically applies to the use of State telephones for personal business. State telephones are not to be used for personal business. Reimbursement will be required for personal calls made.

Telephones in University offices are to be used for State business only.

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Cisco Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phone System now at CCSU!

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