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Blackboard Learn a course management system (virtual learning environment) that allows faculty and students to communicate and share content.  There are many tools and features available in Blackboard Learn.  Professors can use a few or many tools in their courses depending on their teaching style.  Faculty can add content and resources for students to access online.  This content can include Word, Powerpoint, video, audio, or animation files, as well as other applications created outside of Blackboard and uploaded into courses.

Being a successful online student requires knowing how to log into Blackboard, access your courses and being able to navigate within Blackboard for the information you need and activities you need to complete. 

Log Into Blackboard

The link to access CCSU Blackboard Learn is located on the CentralPipeline page:  Log in using your BlueNet account and password.

Access your Courses

Once you are logged into Blackboard, your online courses are listed in the middle of the screen.  Click on the name to access the course.

Navigating Blackboard

  • myCourses - the area where you find your Blackboard course and related announcements and/or alerts.
  • Course Menu - a list of links located on the left side of the screen inside of your course; the main navigation for all courses.  Use the links to access areas of the course.
  • Course Content Area - the information in the middle of the screen that contains various types of information, typed instructions/information, links to files/content, links to web sites, links to other areas within the course.  There could also be folders with additional files, etc.


Your professor can choose which tools to use in your Blackboard course.  Below is a list of a few common ones.

  • Calendar tool - contains important dates such as assignment due dates, exam dates, and/or project deadlines.  This information may appear inside your course or in the Notifications area.
  • Communication tools - My Announcements will appear in the myCourses area when you log into Blackboard.  Professors use Annoucements to communicate time-sensitive information and ocurse updates.  It can also contain information about upcoming outages or server maintenance.
  • Collaboration tools
    • Online Discussions - enhances communication between you, your classmates, and your instructor.
    • Forums - an area where a topic or group of topics are discussed within a discussion board.
    • Blogs, Journals, & Wikis - ways to share ideas, opinions, thoughts, observations, and reflections with the class
  • Assignment tool - used to submit/upload homework and/or projects to your professor and receive feedback and grades back from your professor.
  • My Grades tool - gives you a list of grades for assignments, projects, tests, etc.
  • Assessments tool - the area where you take tests.  Typically these are released by your professor on a certain date and are timed - which means you have a set amount of time to complete the test once you have started.

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